Just an informal introduction

Well, if I go for a formal introduction, then it would sound like a lullaby putting everyone to sleep. But let me tell you my name. I am Kavya Janani. And my name literally translates to “Mother of Literature”. So, that makes you wonder whether I am a writer. Of course! Let’s make it sound better. I am an author! I have published an ebook “Tale Journey: A Collection of 7 Short Stories”. And there is an ongoing novel “With love, forever”. Well, here is the link to purchase my ebook: http://www.amazon.in/Tale-Journey-Collection-Short-Stories-ebook/dp/B00PIBRD74 . Feel free to write a customer review on my ebook. I appreciate all kinds of feedback. Then, what else can I say about myself? Well, music runs in my blood and I am a professional singer in an orchestra. I can say, music is my life. You can understand how much I love music by following this blog: http://www.musicalltheway-music.blogspot.in . And here comes my oft repeated statement: I am a crazy Rahmaniac. I just pray to A.R.Rahman and soon I would be building a temple for him! 😉 Each and every song of his just blends perfectly with my life. And, I think I can stop with this. Go on! Enjoy my musings!! 🙂


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