The grand luncheon of South Indian college students

Yes, they open the lunch box and the strong aroma fills the air! But then, the lecturer’s olfactory nerves perch up and he/she yells at the top of their voice, “Who has opened the lunch box? I can sense the smell of dosa.”

And that brings to our topic. The word dosa is globally predominant nowadays. But it’s still an authentic South Indian dish that slowly moved up the charts to become one of the World’s 100 Best Dishes. Dosa or let’s call it ‘Masala dosa’ is found in almost all the lunch boxes. Either the student gobbles it up for lunch or whips it up for a quick breakfast while he/she travels in train or bus. Well, apart from dosa, there are many other unique dishes which are making their way into the tiffin carriers of a South Indian college student. Being a final year student, I have surveyed the lunch boxes of my classmates and done a thorough research of their common favorites.

Up next is the chappathi. And what more? Chappathi doesn’t taste good without it’s signature side dish. There are various kinds of side dishes: Channa masala, potato fry (this is my favo), any non-veg curry or sometimes even mixed vegetables. When a student brings chappathi for lunch, it means that none other would open their lunch box even for a peep of what their dear mother has cooked. They lay their hands on that chappathi and finish it off within a jiffy. By now, you can make out how appetizing the chappathi is and how popular it is among the South Indian students being a North Indian dish.

Lemon rice! Awwww that makes my mouth water. It is sumptuous as well as easy to prepare. This is yet another typical dish that can be found at least in one lunch box per day. And lemon rice doesn’t digest well without the vegetable curry that should accompany it. It can be anything from potato fry to ladies finger fry!

Other variations of rice varieties are the tamarind rice, curd rice, mango rice, coconut rice, etc. These are the dry rice delicacies. While many prefer the kozhambu type rice where they would just bring the rice and kozhambu in separate boxes. When it’s lunch time, they would mix it and have it along with some vegetable curry.

And the next one is the deadly combo: Idli-sambar. Being one of the most savored dishes of South India, you can never miss out on this combination. Sometimes, the students bring the ingredients separately and turn it into sambar idly instead, where the sambar is poured over the idly and soaked well till the idly completely absorbs the sambar.

Nowadays, many students are preferring homemade Chinese dishes. Yes, that brings to my most favorite- Fried rice! Well, when I take fried rice for lunch, it’s over within the tea break and I will be left with nothing for lunch!! The stir fried rice with crunchy vegetables make it look delicious and you can have them with tomato or chilli sauce. This one is a killer dish that would make each and every student go nuts.

Last but not the least, it’s Veg Biryani  of course! This classic dish is spicy and mouth watering as well. Though it is brought occasionally, it is so famous that one cannot resist devouring it within minutes! And when it is had with Raitha, you can just have that taste linger in your mouth even after hours.

I wind up by saying that the only best multicuisine restaurant that you can find is the South Indian college classrooms during their lunch break! 🙂


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