8 Excellent Things To Do During A Power Shutdown

Electricity is a recent invention. There existed a plethora of kingdoms all over the world without electricity. Kings and queens lived a life that was closer to nature. And what more! People breathed fresh and natural air instead of the mildly toxic air that emanates from the air conditioners nowadays. So, you are wondering where this post is leading to. Here I have compiled 8 things to do when the power is off!

1.Talk with your family and discuss random things

When was the last time you had an heart-to-heart conversation with your mom,dad or siblings? Or when was the last time you spent some quality time with them instead of your smartphones? When the power goes ka-boom,sit along with your family members and discuss random things. You would never know what you might discover from the talk!

2.Listen to radio in your phone or listen to soft songs

There is nothing equally enjoyable like listening to radio when the power is off. Of course, you needn’t have a tape recorder or a music player which requires electricity. Technology has given birth to phones and battery powered music players where you can listen to the radio. Or if you don’t like radio, switch on to some soft songs in your playlist. A strict no to jarring high-on-energy songs as that might disrupt the silent surroundings. And also don’t use headphones!

3.Play find-me-who games or antakshari

Well, if having a normal talk with your family bores you, try playing games. There are many find-me-who games where a person can pose a question about an object,animal or personality through a series of riddles. And there is antakshari which actually tests your memory power and how quickly you can answer. There are variations of antakshari like choosing a particular actor,noun or music director.

4.Read ebooks on your kindle paperwhite or on your smartphone

For all those bookworms, if you have enough charge in your smartphone or kindle paperwhite, plop down comfortably on your bed and start reading an ebook. Begin your journey to another world till electricity zooms you back to reality!

5.Go out to the terrace and count the stars

It has been months since you have climbed the stairs and visited the terrace. So, why don’t you go out to the terrace when the power is off? Get a whiff of fresh air or just lie down and start counting the stars. Well, after sometime your mom would call you down with the return of power.

6.Call up an old friend and chat

Go through your phone contacts and find that one friend whom you have missed talking to (of course, for many years). Call him/her and surprise them. You would be astonished to know how things have changed. If you had the electricity running, you wouldn’t be doing this.

7.Sit alone and think

You might have no time to do some thinking if you had the fans,lights and tv in full swing. Now is the time to sit in solitude and indulge yourself in some thoughts. Think about what you want to achieve in your life, think about a movie you have recently watched or think about your crush & blush!


And if you don’t like the above mentioned methods, just hit the sack and doze off (provided you have not turned too much sweaty!).

P.S: You can add your own practices too in the comment section!


4 thoughts on “8 Excellent Things To Do During A Power Shutdown

  1. Me,my dad, mom,sis I mean my whole family use to play hide and seek in the dark. So awesome and thrilling moments it was. Really miss those days a lot.

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