A new beginning! Or is it?

What is all the hype and hoopla around new year? A year passes by and another one pops up. So, in that course, what really changes? I am always skeptical about new year (though I wish each and everybody whom I consider as near and dear ones). January 1st of every year is yet another day. No miracle is going to happen. It’s not like that God is going to appear in front of you and will grant you that three wishes which you had asked in your childhood. Also it doesn’t mean Santa Claus is going to have a belated appearance and pop down a gift through your chimney.

A new year means our Earth has completed 365 days of its revolution and moves on to begin a new revolution. But that doesn’t mean we are going to begin a new revolution or start something new right on January 1st. For example, a boy might have decided to compose a piece of music on December 21st. He is hell-bent in starting the composition at that moment. But people around him tell him to wait till January 1st so that he can begin it as a new project. Though he badly wants to compose that piece, he gives in and waits till new year day. So, what was his result? A shabby half baked composition caused due to procrastination. If he would have begun on December 21st, he could have achieved greater results. His mind would have been full of enthusiasm. Since he had postponed it, he never cared for that composition in those 10 days which resulted in a not-so-good piece.

So what I mean to say is, you needn’t wait till New Year day to achieve your goals. If your heart prompts you to do something, do right then and there. And as I said previously, no miracle will happen on January 1st. Its just another day like all the other days. The difference is it’s an holiday. So what? Holidays come and go throughout a year. New year day is no exception. Enjoy it like all the other holidays. Nothing more, nothing less. And also, treat it like other days and do your daily chores as you would do daily.

There is no wrong if you wish to start something new on January 2nd or 3rd or 4th or so on. There is no hard and fast rule that you should begin it on January 1st. You can set resolutions but you can either follow them or not. That depends on you. Because we have much to consider like time constraints, family issues, etc. So probably we wouldn’t find time to achieve all our resolutions.

I wind up by telling to enjoy each and everyday like a new year day. If you want to start something new, start it at that moment and don’t wait till January 1st. And finally, Happy New Year 2015! 🙂


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