A peep into my writing world

How it all began? I still wonder. Of course, when you achieve something, one day you will wonder how it all began. Everybody does that. And in my case, it’s writing. Writing is my passion..err..obsession. Yes, I have been sucked into writing right from my childhood. I can vaguely remember my first writing experience. After reading lots of fairytales, I had started writing a story about a beautiful girl called Jenny. I used to maintain a personal diary to pen down my stories. This Jenny story was about a princess who was in the clutches of a wicked stepmother. Of course, I was inspired by Cinderella and Snow White. Even now if I flip through the pages of my diary, I smile at each and every story I had written as a child. I used to jot down my daily happenings by giving nicknames to all my schoolmates. It was fun doing that. I hid many secrets behind those writings. I never wrote anything directly for the fear of getting caught!


Then, when I was in my 7th standard, I read Adventures of Huckleberry Fin. The story was so engrossing that I started writing a similar adventure story with forests, yatchs and all that. Then there came Enid Blyton’s books which took me by a storm. I imagined myself as one among the Secret Seven and Famous Five. Inspired by Blyton’s books, I penned a story named Suspense behind the trees. I had it all planned-the characters, sequences and the twists. After completing half of the story, I couldn’t figure out what to write next. My 12 year old mind couldn’t think anything out of the box. So the story never took off.

I have always composed my stories after getting inspired by something. Be it an event, a song or a movie. One such inspiration was a Tamil movie named Mozhi. After watching that movie, I felt an immediate urge to write a story based on a deaf-mute girl. And that’s how a story named Language of love was born. But as usual, I never considered publishing that story. Those days I never knew about publishing and all that. I used to write stories and keep them to myself. I had shared them with my friends and they had admired me for writing those stories. Looking back now, I feel that those stories were very childish. Even an amateur writer of my age back then would have written better stories than me.

Once I got into 10th grade, my tryst with writing stopped. Not even a single story was penned. Worse, I didn’t even have time to read books. Then I went on to do my 11th and 12th grade subsequently which required enormous time from my side. There was a derth of time for writing. I did not have any story ideas too. I was deeply engrossed with my studies and I was always fighting with my books. It was only after 12th grade that I chanced upon a story to write. And even that story was inspired-a poster of the Tamil movie Neethane En Ponvasantham. I began writing about a cool campus love story. As I was a bit mature, I thought that I could publish it as a novel. But when I revised the story, I felt like slapping myself. My language was too bland and the characters didn’t have depth. The story eventually met its end in the trash can.

It was then that the story idea for my upcoming novel, my dream, my passion, my baby started sprouting in my mind. Or rather I would tell that it came from my heart. At first, I wrote it in third person with more emphasis on both the characters. But then I felt I couldn’t connect with the story. So I began writing in first person from the perspective of the heroine of the story. Then I was able to easily relate with the story. As the novel was progressing, I decided to try my hand at short stories. In Nov 2013, my first short story One last time was published in The big news was that it was selected as Editor’s choice and eventually it won the SPIXer (Most Popular Story) award. After that there was no looking back. My other short stories were also published. My first three short stories were based on the love genre. To break the stereotype, I composed a psychological story named Playing with death which was published in Wattpad.

In May 2014, I decided to publish my novel With love, forever as a series in Wattpad. It was a very rough draft of the story. Much to my surprise, the series received tremendous response and positive feedback. So I thought it would be better to stop the story at a crucial chapter and then publish it as a paperback. I went ahead with my plan which disappointed some of my Wattpad fans who were eager to know what happened after that twist in the story. I assured them that it will be soon released as a paperback. Right now my novel has seen three revisions from me. I keep on adding details to the story to make it more descriptive. I am also adding more depth to the characters so that the readers can connect with them easily. There are more 8 chapters to finish after which I will be submitting the manuscript to a publishing house.

Meanwhile I have published an ebook of my short stories named Tale Journey: A Collection of 7 Short Stories. Here is the Amazon link to my book: . It has received lots of positive reviews from many friends of mine. Here is the link to a professional review of my book:

I have written 7 more short stories after that. I will be publishing them along with a few more stories in the second version of Tale Journey.
Right now, my writing world is a different world where many characters are living their own life. 🙂


4 thoughts on “A peep into my writing world

  1. Hi, there. My name is Deepika and a close mate of Bala’s. It was through her blog I came across yours. Nice posts, dear, they are very entertaining to read. Keep up the good work and congratulations on being published!


  2. Hi Deepika. 🙂
    Thank you so much for taking time to read my posts and follow my blog. I too read a post from your blog. The one about stomach. I was laughing by the end of it. It was humorous as well as thought provoking. Keep going! 🙂


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