Wishes galore

There are at least 10 wishes for each and everyone in this world. Some might be achievable and some might not. Here is my bucket list of ten wishes:

10.Go on a digital detox for a week

facebook-748885_1280Yes, all those digitally addicted geeks, you read it right. I would like to cut off from the rest of the world for a week. I cannot opt for a longer time as I do most of my chores with my laptop or cellphone. 😉

9.Get into an adventure or mystery

detective-152085_1280As crazy as it may sound, this is one of my wishes right from my childhood. Well, I have been spoiled by too much of Enid Blyton and Nancy Drew books.

8.Become a friend of Akhil Akkineni

You might wonder if I have turned insane. But I tell you, Akhil Akkineni is the only guy for whom I became a fan within minutes of his brief intro in Manam movie. If not a friend, I should at least meet him.

7.Give up food for a day

no-food-154333_1280Before you jump into conclusions, let me tell you that I am a foodie. I have to keep my tummy satiated always. So I have a wish to take this risk to see how my stomach reacts.

6.Write a thrilling crime story

batch-print-528023_1280Crime and detective stories are the most difficult genre for me to write. How much ever I think of a new crime story, it would have already been written. Worse, sometimes I would not know where to go with the plot.

5.Script for a movie

screenplay-408252_1280Visuals speak better than words. Though I am a writer, I would like to transform my words into a movie. It would reach a wider audience and of course, I can steal the limelight if my script is awesome.

4.Become a playback singer

girl-15754_1280What else can I wish being an orchestra singer and a music thirsty girl? Playback singing has been a faraway dream of mine. Hope I get to achieve it in this lifetime.

3.Visit Jaipur

hawa-mahal-441563_1280Jaipur? But why? You might ask me. Well, Jaipur is the place where a part of my debut novel is set. I can blend with their culture and put them into words which will make my novel more effective.

2.Get blessed by A.R.Rahman

He is my God and I worship him daily by listening to any song of his. Meeting him and receiving his blessings is the most cherished wish of mine.

1.Publish my baby

1428606004476No, I don’t mean giving birth to a child. My baby is my debut novel ‘With love, forever’. I am determined to publish it by the end of this year.


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