10 foods that Indians cannot live without

10.Ice cream

Yeah it’s the beginning of summer and you are already craving for it. Well, the whole world craves for it. Why only Indians? Because Indians consume ice creams even when it rains or even when the temperature is jittering cold.


Chocolate is the only thing that serves as a perfect treat for any occasion in India. Even if you had a fight with your significant other, just cool them down with a bar of chocolate!


You cannot find a single North Indian without having Rotis for any one of the sessions of the day. It is the staple food of India. Even the South Indians have the variation of this dish called Chapathi.


It is actually a popular combo of main dish and side dish. Originated from South India, it gradually made its way up to the North. And within a few months, everyone were consuming it on a daily basis.


A day doesn’t end without having a potato in India. Be it Aloo Paratha, aloo tikki or aloo mutter, everything has potato as the main ingredient.

5.Masala dosa

It is mentioned in the list of ‘100 dishes to taste before you die’. What’s more? Indians go ga-ga over this dish. Almost daily.

4.Vada pav

Once you enter into Mumbai, this dish will heartily welcome you. Popularly known as Indian sandwich, this is a mouth watering snack that the Indians gorge upon.

3.Pani puri/Golgappas

The colloquial term for this dish is ‘chaat’ (though there are many more). Filling the puri with the potatoes and chickpeas and then finally brimming it with flavored chilli water is a divine experience which every Indian loves.


Who doesn’t love some hot steaming biryani? Be it veg, chicken or mutton, Indians are addicted to biryani. The spices used in this dish make it more delicious.


This is the third staple food of India after rice and wheat. It is a dish which comes to our rescue when we cannot cook up an elaborate dish. And the taste! I don’t have to mention about it as all Indians would have surely indulged in Maggi at least once in their lifetime.


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