Book glossary (Updated)

Do you love books? Are you an avid reader? Do you love to play with words? Are you someone who keeps adding words to your vocabulary? Then this short post is just for you. Here I list some words that relates to books and book readers:

1.Bibliobibuli: Refers to people who read too much

2.Bibliophagist: A voracious reader or a devourer of books

3.Bibliophile: A person who loves books generally

4.Bibliosmia: The act of smelling books before reading

5.Blogblogili: A person who cannot survive without reading blogs

6.Bookworm: A person who loves the content in books or a person who loves reading

7.Book-bosomed: To describe someone who carries a book all the time

8.Epeolatry: The worship of words

9.Logomaniac: A person who is obsessed with words

10.Logophilia: Love for word games

11.Morosoph: A person who speaks about books in public places

12.Xenogorabibliomania: An obsessive curiosity about the books that strangers read in open spaces

13.Librocubicularist: A person who reads in bed


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