Things that I cannot live without

By things I mean things. Not people, family, friends or loved ones. These are things, without which I wouldn’t imagine a complete life. Only if these are present, my life would be like a fairytale. These are things that keep me happy always. So, are you intrigued? Well, here goes the listicle.

1.A.R.Rahman songs


I cannot even imagine a single minute without a ARR song. His music calms my senses, completes me, elevates me and puts my life on the right track. His songs blend with each and every minute of my life. He has a song for every situation in my life. I can also tell that his music is the sole reason for my existence. Music is my religion and A.R.Rahman is my God.



What is life without food? Many people say that we must eat to live. But I am just the opposite. I live to eat. I am a foodie. But at the same time I consume within my limits. By food I mean everything from green leafy vegetables to junk food. I gobble everything that is served to me. My hunger must be satiated at the right time. That’s my only concern.



I value my sleep more than anything in this world. I don’t care about the time or place. If I feel sleepy, I will sleep. 😀 Sounds crazy right? Then try not to sleep, at least for a day. Just deal with the consequences the next day. 😛 I firmly believe that the happiest person in the world is the one who gets enough sleep.



Awwww! I just love the smell of a new book. Books are my best friends. They don’t expect anything from me. They aren’t rude or selfish to me. They don’t speak arrogantly. They don’t cheat or hurt. What else do I need in a loyal companion? And also books whisk me away to places and worlds that I haven’t traveled to. P.S: I mean only fiction books and novels. Not subject books. 😛

5.My novel


This is my dream. My baby. My life. And my everything. Without this, I cannot imagine my life going anywhere. Completing and publishing this will be the greatest achievement of my life. The day when I hold my own novel in my hands will be the happiest day of my life.

6.Keyboard (Piano)


This breathes music into my life. It was in 5th standard when I first played on it after joining a class. Within a few weeks, I was a pro in it. And within a few years, I could compose my own tunes. If I get to play the keyboard, I wouldn’t return back to normal life at least for five hours.



Kohl is the only cosmetic I love the most. My eyes doesn’t look the same without applying it. People ask me, “Are you sick?” I reply, “No, I am not”. “But you look like that,” they would reply. I will rush to check my eyes in the mirror.



Rain. How beautiful is the word! I don’t like to get drenched myself. But I love to watch the rains coming down. The breezy feel that it provides is unbeatable. And the smell of mud known as petrichor tingles my olfactory nerves.



Internet is one of the basic amenities of human beings. Everybody loves to have unlimited access to Internet. So do I. I love the Wi-fi connection in my home as I can access Internet whenever I want.

10.Fresh juice


Quit the cool drinks. Move on to fresh fruit juices. I love them. They are healthy as well as tasty. Just give me a glass of fruit juice after a hot day. I would surely be grateful to you forever.



They are colorful. Beautiful. They adorn me and beautify me. I love to wear them even while sleeping. Only when I wear earrings, my face would look complete. And you will be scared if you skim through my earrings collection!



Awww Ooty!!! My lovable city. My dream place where I would like to settle down. Just refer to my previous post to know about my love for this place.

13.Kaatrin mozhi,Poongatrile,Awari and Taal se taal mila


Wondering what are these? These are the songs which make up my life. I consider them as my soul songs. I just cannot live without listening to these. I love them to the core. 🙂


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