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Kaaka Muttai Movie Review

Movie: Kaaka Muttai

Cast: Ramesh Thilaganathan,J.Vignesh,Aishwarya Rajesh,Ramesh Thilak,Yogi Babu,Joe Malloori,Babu Antony

Director: M.Manikandan

Cinematography: M.Manikandan

Music: G.V.Prakash Kumar

Production: Wunderbar Films and Grass Root Film Company

Distributor: Fox Star Studios

‪#‎KaakaMuttai‬– One of the finest works of Tamil cinema. No wonder this movie has went on to bag a couple of awards in the National Film Award and Indian Film Festival at Los Angeles.

If you want to taste the true essence of a Tamil film, then this movie is the pinnacle of it. To begin with, this film is director M.Manikandan’s first feature film. I was just awed with his exquisite film-making. He charms the viewers by his delightful take on slum life. It showcases the various problems the slum dwellers go through and how poverty forms a barricade for their opulent wishes. What is more beautiful is that they enjoy life even with the smallest things they experience (like drinking from the crow’s egg). The differences between the classes of Indian society are well depicted in scenes where the little slum boys and a higher class boy interact. The pain of a slum dweller is brilliantly broadcasted in a scene where the mother of the young boys scorns the pizza shop authorities for building a branch in an area where people cannot afford to buy.

Coming to the performances, the little boys Ramesh Thilaganathan and J.Vignesh are the blood and skin of the movie. They have perfectly portrayed the nuances of being slum boys. Their expressions are natural and it shows that they have thoroughly enjoyed during the shoot. Aishwarya Rajesh breathes life into the character she renders. At a point when she is in the race to shine as a lead heroine, she has to be respected for choosing the role of a mother of two kids. Ramesh Thilak and Yogi Babu provide occasional laughs with their sense of humor. While the other actors Joe Malloori, Babu Antony and the woman who played the grandmother of the boys have done a fabulous job on their part.

When Kollywood is booming with commercial, romantic and horror movies, director M.Manikandan should be applauded for bringing out a quintessential film. The cinematography is elegant which makes the viewers to get absorbed into the film till the end. G.V.Prakash Kumar’s background score and songs are soul-stirring. He has come up with innovative tunes which are endearing to hear. Kudos to Dhanush’s Wunderbar Films and Vetrimaaran’s Grass Root Film company for taking up production for such a conventional movie.

Kaaka Muttai is a must watch film, not only for Tamil audience but for all Indian and International viewers alike. M.Manikandan breaks the stereotype of award-winning movies by blending genuine humor in the narrative. Go for it!

Rating: 4.75/5


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