Dreams: The path to success

Paulo Coelho has said in The Alchemist, “Dreams are the language of God”. Yes, indeed. Dreams are words that God would whisper to us occasionally. It is through dreams that we meet God. By dreams, I mean one’s goals and aspirations. Everyone has a dream. You may want to build a bungalow or write a book or become an actor or start a company. Each one’s dream differs from that of others.


Dreams are the motivators of our life. We must formulate required efforts to achieve our dream. A person without a dream is like a place without water. Dreams provide purpose to our life. We can understand the true meaning of life if we have a dream.

Like a horse that is saddled, a person must be hell-bent in achieving his or her dream. There should be no factor that must deter him or her on their path to success. With dream comes the purpose of our life and with the purpose comes happiness. Once we achieve our dream, there is a sense of satisfaction. We can easily attain inner peace.

“If I can dream it, I can do it”. Not only this must be Walt Disney’s saying, but one should have it as their daily mantra to accomplish their dreams.


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