Energize those Monday blues

Yes, it is a Monday and you have Monday blues. You don’t feel like going to school, college or office after an awesome weekend. This happens week after week. You are being sluggish every Monday morning and people around you are struggling to make you go to work. If you have these characteristics, then it is high time that you must energize yourself.


The best remedy to start your Monday is with a smile. When you wake up grumbling to yourself, chances are that you might be groggy the entire day. So, wake up, flash a wide grin by looking at yourself in the mirror or by smiling at any member of your family. I am sure that you might find a renewed energy within yourself.

Also, instead of the regular morning tea or coffee, try to begin your Monday with a glass of fresh juice. It will act as a good stimulator for your senses. When you try something new, it will bring about a refreshing change in your routine.

Another method is not to think that it is a Monday. Just forget to keep track of the days. Think that it is another Sunday, the only difference being you going to school, college or office. Because the premonition that it is a Monday is enough to cause blues in you. So, consider it as some other day and go about your daily chores.

While in your workplace, wear a cheerful smile and greet everyone whom you come across. It will not only benefit you but the ones at the receiving end will also feel happy for the rest of the day. You are your own controller. It is solely your choice to remain fresh throughout the day. So, energize yourself every morning with some special care to those sloppy Monday mornings.

Happy Monday! 🙂


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