Short Stories

You’re my Mobilentine

Abinaya panicked as her expensive Samsung Galaxy Core Prime shattered to pieces. The mobile phone met its death with the seventh fall. She was speaking with her lover Gautham, or rather fighting with him. Their relationship was on the verge of breaking up.

“Abi, how many times have I told you not to speak with Sriram?” roared Gautham over the phone.

“What’s wrong in speaking with him? He is just a friend of mine, nothing else.”

“I burn with jealousy each time I see you speaking with him.”

“Look! He is my friend and I will surely speak with him.”

“This is it, Abi! Let’s break up. I cannot give in to your tantrums. Nothing is working out between us. Get lost!”

“Hey Gautham…” But Abinaya heard the phone click.

Immediately, she opened her Messenger and started typing a message furiously, “U wil regret fr tis gautham.U just can’t break up wid me fr tis silly reason…”

As she was typing the message, the mobile phone slipped from its protective case and fell down with a clattering noise. Abinaya watched in horror as parts of her mobile phone flew hither and thither.

She picked the parts and assembled them, but it was no longer recognisable.

Oh, my god! My mobile phone has committed suicide! A single drop of tear escaped from her eye.


A week ago…

“Hey, there will be a mobile phone raid today!” screamed Preethi as soon as she entered the final year B.E. Electronics Communication classroom.

“What?” Abinaya was horrified. She was the one who seldom brought her mobile phone to college, but that day was an exception.

“Where will I hide it now?” She asked Preethi in a frightened tone.

“Ummm..Shall we handover our mobile phones in the Xerox shop?” asked Preethi.

“But we don’t have time to go there and also they won’t allow us to visit the Xerox shop now.” Shruthi put forward her views.

Abinaya began fidgeting with her fingers. Her mobile phone was precious to her. She cast a sad look to her lover Gautham who was seated in the boys’ row. He, too, had brought his mobile phone.

Just then, the Medical Electronics lecturer, Sheela, entered their classroom.

“Students! We have an inspection today. Our college authorities are conducting it. I think there will be a mobile phone raid, too. As final year students, you will be bringing your phones. So, we have decided to collect your phones and keep it safely in our department’s locker for today. You can collect them in the evening.”

Though the students were reluctant to handover their mobile phones, the caring tone of Sheela ma’am allayed their fears. She collected the mobile phones in separate polythene bags and placed them in the department’s locker.

However, as fate could have it, there was no inspection that day. The bell rang at 4 pm and the students gathered in front of the staff room to collect their mobile phones.

From her cabin, the HOD of ECE department flashed a harsh look at the students. Then she casually went back to her work instead of handing over the mobile phones. Stunned, the students began whispering among themselves.

“What the hell! I think the fate of our mobile phones is sealed today,” whispered Abinaya to Preethi.

“Yeah! HOD is burning with rage. I can say from that killer look in her eyes.”

“Ma’am, we need our mobile phones.” Shruthi, being the brave one, raised her voice above the whispers.

The HOD once again lifted her eyes up from the papers that she was correcting.

“How casually you are asking! You have brought your mobile phones in spite of warnings. Now, how dare you ask me to return them? I will not return them today….”

“Ma’am!” The gathering chorused together.

“What ma’am? I won’t return them. You have exam tomorrow, right? Go and study for it. I will return them after that.”

“Ma’am!” They yelled once again.

“Keep shouting! I won’t return them.” With those words, she zipped up her hand bag and came out of her cabin. Shruthi blocked her way.

“Ma’am, we won’t bring our phones hereafter. Please return them. We would get sound scolding from our parents if we don’t have our mobile phones with us.”

“You should have thought about all these before bringing your phone to college. Understand? Go! Study well for the exam.” The HOD shooed them away.

The look on the students’ faces was one such that could never be forgotten. They returned to their homes, sadly.


At 7 pm…

At a corner of the drawer in the HOD’s cabin, there lay a polythene bag, which held the mobile phones of Abinaya and Gautham. Hers being Samsung Galaxy Core Prime (SGCP) and his’ being iPhone 4S (I4s). The polythene bag was suffocating and the mobile phones were having hard time breathing. SGCP turned to its right and found I4S struggling to squeeze between the other phones.

“Hey, you, come over here! There is some space beside me.” SGCP shouted to I4S.

I4S went past the other phones and settled beside SGCP. He flashed a warm smile at her.

“Hi, I am I4S. And you?”

“I am SGCP. Who is your owner?”

“Some geek called Gautham. He always uses me only to make calls to a mad girl named Abinaya.”

“Mad girl? Don’t call her like that! She is my owner.”

“Is it? So, our owners are lovers.”

“But they are bad. They keep on fighting for silly reasons. I have an app inside me which has recorded their sweet talks as well as their arguments.” SGCP made a proud statement as she spoke about the applications installed inside her.

“Awwww! That’s damn awesome! Though my App Store has apps for recording such calls, Gautham has never installed any of them.”

“Maybe Abinaya is hopelessly romantic. That’s why she records all the calls.”

I4S smiled to himself. Then he turned and looked at SGCP. She was peacefully breathing after an hour of suffocation.

“Why did the HOD do this to the students? Now she has trapped us, too,” said I4S in a forlorn tone.

“Yup! She won’t return us to them until tomorrow.” SGCP let out a long sigh.

Once again, I4S turned and looked at her. Something within him was changing. He could feel his energy intact. At other times, his energy would be draining at a rate faster than any other mobile phone.

“You look beautiful, SGCP! You are off-white in colour and that suits you well.”

“Oh, my! Don’t try to flatter me. You know, I always stay inside a protective case, but I don’t know what happened to Abinaya today. She let me out of my cage. Maybe if I had been inside, I wouldn’t have been attractive to you.”

“I am not only attracted to your outer beauty. Your inner beauty speaks a lot. Your heart is a Quad Core processor that is pure and kind. You support all your processes wonderfully. Your resolution and your other aesthetic features are also perfect.”

“That’s so sweet of you. Although one of the best phones in the world, you are appreciating my features!” SGCP’s heart filled with warmness. For the first time she felt liberated. She enjoyed being with I4S who is touted to be one of the expensive phones in the world.

“I am not as lucky as you. I don’t have a back button. Every time, Gautham has to press my home button hard. I cannot share my feelings with other phones like you, as I don’t have an option to connect with you all via Bluetooth. Whenever my owner wants to download songs, he curses me. I don’t have any such direct options. He has to connect me through iTunes in his PC or pay for his favourite song. I am so bad! Why didn’t my parents add such features when manufacturing me?”

“Hey, you don’t have to feel about all such things. You know, you have one of the best operating systems in the world. Very secure and protected, not an open one like me. You should learn to love yourself, I4S. Then only you can perform better at the hands of your owner. Trust me. Soon, you will be completely liked by him.”

SGCP’s soothing words melted I4S’s heart. The polythene bag was not suffocating him anymore and he felt happy to be praised by his arch nemesis in the mobile phone world.

“Unlike humans, we don’t have hands. Otherwise, I would have hugged you as a form of saying thanks,” said I4S.

“You don’t need to thank me. I have always admired you but other SGCPs have always envied you. Compared to them, I can be a better companion to you.”

I4S’s heart skipped a beat. He felt a powerful magnetic attraction to SGCP. Till then, he was jealous of Android phones. SGCP changed his notion about them. They were kind mobile phones and they could be best friends to all iOS devices.

Hours flew away as both of them shared their experiences from their birth till the present. They spoke about everything under the sun. They even found a few similarities in their sensor properties. Within the next one hour, they became close friends. They were startled by the situation in which they were brought together. Unknown to them, something was brewing inside their hearts.

SGCP, do you believe in love?” asked I4S, sensing the change that was happening to him.

“What is love? What do we machines know about love?”

“Love is something, which we can feel from our owners when they first buy us, but it is short termed. They gradually start to hate us after a point in time and look for new gadgets.”

“That’s true! I have never experienced love. Abinaya didn’t want me. She just purchased me for the sake of having a Smartphone. I don’t feel loved. Neither have I fallen in love with my owner.”

“Then, together shall we learn what love is?”

“What do you mean, I4S?”

“Don’t tell me that you don’t understand. Haven’t you felt the butterflies in your stomach after these four hours?”

“I have, but I don’t know whether it is acceptable.”

“Why not?”

“Because we are different. We cannot fall in love with each other. Even if we get into a relationship, it would last only another fourteen hours. We will be separated by our owners.”

“But our owners are lovers. They will surely spend time with each other. At that time, we will continue our love story.”

“Even then we are different. You run on iOS and I on Android. It’s a complete mismatch.”

“What is this, SGCP? Only an hour ago you appreciated me and even found similarities with me. What if we are different? Don’t human beings fall in love despite religious differences? Why can’t we machines have the same privileges?”

SGCP was dumbstruck by his words. She decided to speak her heart out. She wanted to make best use of the limited time, they had.

 “Why don’t you tell those three magical words then?” SGCP’s voice had turned passionate by then.

“Yeah okay, I will tell….” I4S trailed off.

“Come on!” She was impatient to hear those words. That was her first love. She wanted it to be special.

“I will propose in a different way. YOU ARE MY MOBILENTINE.” Saying so, I4S giggled to himself.

“What’s that?”

“It’s something I researched from one of Gautham’s messages to Abinaya. He had said that she was his Valentine. I modified it a little.”

“Ha ha! That’s awesome I4S. I love you too.”

I4S’s heart resonated with SGCP’s confession. They looked at each other and saw a different kind of happiness in their eyes, something that told them that they had bridged the gap between iOS and Android.

“The only problem for us is that we cannot touch each other and feel our love. Yet our love is divine. I hope so. Do you?” asked I4S.

“I do, too. We have done something that nobody could have ever imagined. Now, they would stop fighting over iOS and Android.”

“No, you’re wrong. We cannot make our love story public. We are non-living things in the eyes of our owners. They will never know the beautiful love story of ours. This is our fate and we have to accept it. We are machines.”

SGCP was getting even more attracted to I4S with his pragmatism. She decided that she could never live without him. However, harsh reality was only thirteen hours away.

After a few mushy talks and exchange of sweet-nothings, they realized that their energies had started draining. They planned to lull themselves to sleep. They had the best rest that night. Serenity filled their minds, which they had never experienced while resting in their owners’ homes.


After eight hours, SGCP and I4S woke up to strange sounds. The polythene bag in which they were placed was pushed a little. The HOD had entered her cabin and was searching for a book in the drawer.

“Where is my book?” She spoke to herself. SGCP and I4S were relieved as they heard the drawer door shut.

“Good morning, sweetheart!” wished I4S.

“Good morning, darling!” SGCP wished back.

“Only five more hours for our love story to end.”

“Don’t remind me about that. If I had tear glands, I would have cried the entire night.”

“What do we do? I don’t want our love story to end like this.”

“Hey, I have an idea. Can we commit suicide?”

“What are you saying?”

“At least we can be happy that we loved each other till our death. Being separated by death is far better than being separated by our owners.”

I4S smiled and winked at her in response to her idea.


A week later…

Gautham updated his Facebook status, “My iPhone 4s fell to its death from the corner of my bed (sic). So did my girlfriend’s mobile. Now we have sworn never to fight with each other. Maybe the death of our mobile phones made us realize our love for each other. :-)”


9 thoughts on “You’re my Mobilentine

  1. Oh my God, Kavya, this blew me over! I loved the theme you portrayed here and the way you made two gadgets fall in love. I loved the dialogue between them, it was excellently written. I was immensely touched when they felt sad over their owners not loving them. I immediately looked at my own and actually promised it I won’t ever hate it. It got me so much.
    At first, I found the line “My mobile phone committed suicide” very funny and I intended to highlight it during the commenting but after reading the full story, the line wasn’t supposed to be funny at all. Superb, wonderful story, I loved it to bits ❤ ❤


    1. Oh my God! I am really overwhelmed after reading this comment. Thank you sooooo much sissy! 🙂 This is the most experimental story I have written till date. I sent it to some of my geeky friends to check the technical details. 😉


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