Writer problems

I woke up today and found myself in a state of mind which I cannot explain. There was a mélange of anticipation and fear in my mind. The reason can be only one thing. And it is obvious. It is all about my novel ‘With love, forever’. Yes, I started this dream novel four years back, penning my first words in a diary. It has been a long journey since then (I’ll be posting the journey of this book as a separate blog post). Now the manuscript has been completed. Well, many people think that after finishing a novel, an author can stay at peace. But it is entirely a wrong notion.

Completing a novel is easy, but getting it published by a traditional publisher is very difficult. It is a long process and you have to practice patience for it. You can even start your next book within that. Such is the sorry state of affairs for a writer. I am not sure how many would take a look at my submission, how many would toss it in the trash can and how many would skim through it, let alone accept it for publication. That’s the reason I have sent my manuscript to several publishers, even to small ones. I hope that something would click for me.

Losing hope at this point is something a writer should avoid. I am well aware of it. For every writer, there is a publisher in this world. I repeat this as a mantra and assure myself that my book will see the light of day soon. My book is not just a book to me. I consider it as my baby, my long time cherished dream and my soulmate. I cannot let it die a slow death in my laptop. I can do anything to see my book in the various bookstores.

Well, I can easily opt for self publishing. But as my dear friend Bala Karthiga quoted, I say that it is a ‘suicide mission’. I mean, how the hell can you let the entire world know that you have published a book? Self publishing can never achieve that. You can only promote your book to your family and friends. But you need a wider audience to appreciate and review your book. Only traditional publishing can help you with that.

So, I think it might be worth the wait. Even if I have to wait for ages, I can. I have to. It will surely yield fruits. Till then, I have to keep repeating to my mind and heart to be calm. Stay patient. 🙂

“Patience is not the ability to wait, it is the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.”

Kavya Janani


13 thoughts on “Writer problems

  1. I have dreamt and have foreseen the book cover for BOB and now it is time for me to dream about your book too….And having read the book I can surely say that it is going to rock! Patience is a tough word that makes you tougher…..So….all the best…the countdown begins….

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  2. I say it before and I say it again, Kavya 🙂 Rejections are like sculptors who hit us from all sides to shape us. Your prayers and hard work will NEVER go to waste. Krishna will see to that your baby is taken care of well. There is definitely a publisher out there who will be enthralled and will be privileged to open your book out to the large audience. Don’t worry. You have my well-wishes and prayers with you too, sis ❤ Vijay Bhav!!

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