Becoming a software engineer

Well, there is only one more week to go. Wondering why? Yes, I am going to step into the corporate world. THE BIG CORPORATE WORLD!!! I feel a sense of excitement and anticipation. Though I have a few inputs from the previous batch about how the industry functions, I am unable to brush away the jitters that pass through my veins. I confess that I ain’t technically strong (I had got placed in the campus interview due to my communication skills). I wasn’t questioned about programming in C++, Java or HTML. Since I had indicated my subject of interest as Cryptography, I was asked to explain about it in detail. And ka-boom! I was selected. Now for the past few days, I have been going through Java, Web technology, DBMS and what not. I kind of feel alienated when I read these books, as if I hadn’t ever pursued a course in Information Technology. How ironic it is!

When I had stepped into my college for an engineering degree, I never dreamt of working in an IT company.  My sole purpose was to obtain the degree and take my life as it comes. Even as the years progressed, I had no hope that I would be working in the IT sector and earning a good amount of money. I was weak in my subjects, passing them with B or C grades. I never showed any interest in the technical field, though I strove a lot to learn the basics of programming and other subjects of my interest. One such was Cryptography, which I can proudly declare to be the only subject that fascinated me in the entire period of four years. I liked to encrypt, decrypt, create ciphers and solve problems. I was also good at mathematics which helped me sail through the subject with ease. I had not stopped learning about the subject even after that particular semester. I continued to study and research about it a lot. I had even planned to do a course in Cryptology. But then my project work took over and I was unable to do anything about it. Then there were a plethora of companies visiting our college for campus recruitment.

I reluctantly participated in it. But as luck could have it, I was able to pass through the aptitude test. Group Discussion was easy too, as the topic was something interesting on which I could speak for a long time. The surprise was when I had even passed the Technical interview by just ranting about my favorite subject Cryptography. HR interview was a cakewalk for me as I discussed about books and music with the HR Manager. Finally, the moment arrived and put an end to my then negative thoughts. I had got placed! If I can quote something as the most shocking moment of my life, then it would be that moment. Three years of my negative thinking and demeaning myself that I wasn’t fit for the IT sector, diminished within a matter of minutes. I was already into the process of joining a reputed organization.

And now, I still find myself in a state of delirium combined with surprise and curiosity. The past three months has provided me with a comfort which I would be soon longing for. I had completed my novel, exercised myself, sang my heart out, met friends, visited places, had happy moments, was active on social media and did whatever I wished. I feel desolate to leave behind such coziness. But then reality has struck me. I have to move forward. And instead of brooding about it, I am warmly welcoming the corporate and of course, a routine mechanical life. When I have something that I hadn’t even imagined that I would acquire in the first place, I should feel happy about it and thank God for it. And that’s what I am doing now. Hoping for a bright life ahead! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Becoming a software engineer

  1. Vijay Bhav, my twin! ❤ I'm so proud of you, Kavya 🙂 And I love the attitude, deciding to go on with the flow as time passes and embracing the fruit of suspense. You are going to shine, I know 🙂 All the very best and may you come out in flying colours in your life ❤ ❤

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  2. Welcome to the club dear 🙂 your descriptive experience reminds me of my experience :p don’t worry in starting you will struggle but with time experience will help you 🙂 so chill and enjoy free time 🙂 after starting your job you won’t get this time 🙂

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