A rosy picture


I rejoice, dwelling in a sense of euphoria.
Life is vivacious as it seems to be.
The world fulfills the needs of my heart.
I follow my passion, painting strokes after strokes,
Until a masterpiece of that day is done.
My day feels complete when I achieve what I intended.
I don’t get drowned by the whirlpool of work life,
Running through a maze of deadlines.
Holidays are colorful, fantastic and enjoyable.
Never I have bemoaned about time deficit.
I live a life that was yearned and craved,
No regrets, no complains and no sorrows.

But the moment I wake up, I realize that it was a dream.
A world replete with the desires of the subconscious.
An illusionary account of my unsung passion.
In reality, the species around me are demons.
The stereotyped kind that you meet everyday.
They blindfold me, abandoning me in an unwanted jungle.
I run, scream, with tears streaming down my eyes.
My wails are bogged down by the emptiness around me,
A space that is unnecessary and unwished for.
I lie exhausted, thinking about the rosy picture I had dreamt.

(Image Source: Lyrics as Quotes)


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