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Downright Magic!

To begin with, let me introduce this awesome Potter girl to you. She is Balakarthiga. Well, she is the most mysterious homo sapien I have ever encountered. She is a wondrous soul, a day dreamer, a caffeinated author and above all, she is my twin. No, you’re mistaken if you think that we’re twins by birth. We are twins by DESTINY. We are twins by our passion for writing, ARR and other common interests. Our souls have a magical link that connects us together and makes us communicate through telepathy. And let me tell you, being a Harry Potter fanatic, she is addicted to everything that is magic.

And so, here comes her latest short story Broken Magic. It ironically has the word ‘magic’ in it. So what is this all about?

This is the love story of Aadhi and Nayani (awww!!! how poetic the names are!!! 🙂 ). Mind you, this isn’t a stereotyped love story that you come across in almost every story publishing platform. This is a modern and practical love story with depth and soul. This is a story with which you’d fall in love on the first reading. And fall for it over and over as you read it again and again. That was the impact which the story had on me. I have read this one almost five times! And it turns fresh with every reading. 🙂

As people say, love is magical. Yes, it feels like being in heaven when we fall in love. But what happens after that? Down the line, does that butterflies-in-stomach feeling prevail? Does your partner excite you as he/she did on the first few months of your relationship? Do you feel enchanted with him/her after a few years? Or do you feel an unexplainable void, when you must have felt immensely happy with their presence?

These questions are addressed through the words of the character Nayani. A low lying fear grips her as she speaks those. She is a soul who thinks about the qualms that tag along with the heartwarming feeling called love.

‘My biggest fear isn’t that you’ll lie to me or cheat on me. No. It’s not the usual threats to a relationship that come to mind when I think of us. It’s the fact that someday, all the magic will be gone and what’ll be left of us is the painfully boring ordinariness I was filled with before I met you. I’m afraid – no -scared to death that your currently deceiving eyes will lose the filters and look at my bare mediocre self, and I’m afraid you won’t be enchanted by me anymore.’ She said.

It comes from a girl who is insecure of the magic fading away from her love life. Opposites attracted initially. But will those opposites be able to handle each other despite their differences? When life throws an ultimate test at them, will they be able to accept each other as they are? Of course, ‘Broken Magic’ has answers to all these questions.

She was a strange girl who said strange things. He was strange guy who did strange things. Only, their individual definition of strangeness varied greatly.

He was a simpleton. She was an eager thinker.
He was athletic and couldn’t be contained in a room for more than ten minutes, while she was a very indoor girl.

I was completely mesmerized by the way Bala portrayed the differences between their characters, attitudes and habits. Both Aadhi and Nayani have different auras that don’t really accept the other one completely. As a result, they do fall out of love. But, tell me, has anyone told you how it’d be when you fall out of love? Does it pain? How long it’d take to come out of it and move on? Or does the wounded heart really wishes to move on? The answers to these are intricately woven in ‘Broken Magic’.

Another aspect which I loved is Aadhi’s interpretation of Nayani. I wonder whether a girl (read Bala) can portray another girl in such a beautiful manner.

She was beautiful – not in the literal sense of the word.  She was beautiful for the way she thought, the way she removed herself from the chaotic crowds and slipped away into her imagination. She was beautiful in the way she patiently spoke about her deepest and truest of feelings in such carefully chosen words. She was beautiful for the way she let him fall in love with her, and for the way she held her soul and her body at a distance – completely aware of the distance between the two. 

Well, what happens between Aadhi and Nayani? Does their love survive the test of time? Will they be able to handle each other with all their strangeness? Will the magic between them prevail lifelong? Yes, I know that you’ve the same questions in your mind too. Because this is a love story that caters to every other individual who is in love or about to fall in love or in a complicated relationship or happily married.

Go! Grab a copy of ‘Broken Magic’ here: Broken Magic by Balakarthiga.M


Love and regards,

Kavya Janani.U


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