A world without Internet?

Internet! Yes, you breathe Internet, right? That’s what everyone does nowadays. Internet has become one of the basic needs after food, shelter, clothes, education and money. Life without Internet is unimaginable. You cannot even envision your life without the Broadband connection or mobile data or hotspot or Wi-Fi. You needn’t step out for a bottle of water or milk packet or vegetables or accessories or grocery items. Everything is at your doorstep at the click of a button. Internet has definitely shrunk the world. We depend upon Internet for each and every living second of ours. It influences our thoughts and actions. Well, you wouldn’t be reading this post if Internet wasn’t invented. But what if Internet did not exist? (Immediate reaction of a few people after reading this line would be ‘WTH!!! How can that even be possible?’ or a few might think ‘Has the author of this post lost her mind?’ 😉 ) Well, let me tell you how the world would have been without Internet.

  1. Writing letters, sending telegrams, fax and making phone calls to convey your messages and announcements instead of using emails or instant messengers.
  2. Sending out real wedding invitations to your loved ones instead of e-invites.
  3. Meeting people and talking to them face-to-face, sharing some memorable moments with them in reality.
  4. A trip to the library for your research work (probably it might take years to complete your research).
  5. Using the dictionary to find the meaning of a word.
  6. Making long distance calls to your family members, relatives, friends or loved ones.
  7. Enrolling in an offline hobby or DIY class.
  8. Learning a new language with the help of a guide or a translator.
  9. Finding directions and reading maps to navigate through roads (I bet that you’d lose your way at least once).
  10. Buying books from the bookshop at the corner of your street.
  11. Hanging out with the four or five best pals which you have (instead of spending time with the 500+ friends on your social media).
  12. Reading daily newspapers to know what’s happening in the world.
  13. Listening to songs on the radio and rushing out to buy a notebook and pen to note down the lyrics of a song when it is played once again.
  14. Watching videos of your favorite songs on the TV.
  15. Supermarkets would see a throng of people (applies to shopping malls, fancy stores and stationary shops as well).
  16. Having breakfast or lunch or dinner at the restaurant (oh! how mundane is the process of calling for a waiter, ordering from a menu and then paying the bill).
  17. Sale of cookbooks would increase phenomenally.
  18. Calling your friends to your home and showing the pictures which you clicked on your holiday (instead of letting the world know through Insta).
  19. Playing hopscotch, hide-and-seek, tic-tac-toe, chess, carrom, badminton, kabaddi, football, etc., (in short, all indoor and outdoor games instead of Candy Crush or Clash Of Clans).
  20. A long queue in front of the ticket booking counter in theaters, railway stations and airports.
  21. Writing articles and sending it to newspapers (well, no blog posts).
  22. Narrating your daily activities to your mom, dad and siblings (kidding, right? What about status updates and tweets?)
  23. Paying a visit to the doctor and describing the symptoms to know the exact ailment (no more scary disease suggestions from Google).
  24. Watching the new movie in the theater and getting to know about its plot for the first time.
  25. Reach for the encyclopedia to know about how stuff works (RIP Wikipedia and WikiHow).
  26. Doing research about the best schools or colleges by physically visiting them.
  27. Getting to know about limited political clashes, crimes, weird news, rumors about celebrities and actors (no more overload of negative info, life would be peaceful).
  28. Hop from house to house to sell or exchange your things.
  29. Treasuring the CDs and cassettes of your favorite albums and soundtracks.
  30. Jotting down your thoughts and feelings in a personal diary.
  31. Calling up the hotel or lodge to reserve your room.
  32. Participating in competitions and contests (awww! the ones that take place in venues).
  33. Creating posters, banners and pamphlets to promote and make something go ‘viral’.
  34. Parks and other recreational areas would be congested (no more sitting inside closed walls with the smartphone).
  35. Go on a physical bride/groom hunting (aha! a big no to fake profiles on matrimonial websites).

Well, I have listed out as many possibilities that came to my mind. Do the above points sound wonderful or scary? Will you be able to live without the Internet? Share your thoughts in the comments section!


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Kavya Janani.U


4 thoughts on “A world without Internet?

  1. This is a brilliant post, Kavya!! ❤ Love, love, loved it! I had a strong wave of nostalgia. It will indeed be a beautiful world without the internet. Of course, without it, I wouldn't have met you 😉 But yet, even if there was no internet, I'm pretty positive we would have definitely crossed paths some other way ❤ This is the need of the hour. So much of distraction because of the internet. Everywhere you look, people are clicking selfies not for their joy but to upload it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It makes the ordeal so plastic and unfeeling. Or people'll be updating their statuses at an airport from the moment of departure to the second they reach their hotel room at the place they are going to holiday for. Instead of calling their family to let them know they landed safely, they're intent on faceless people knowing about it. Completely insane. Brillian post, twinnie ❤ I hope a lot of people come across this and see how foolish they're behaving 🙂

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