F for Foodporn (AToZChallenge)

“People who love to eat are always the best people.” – Julia Child.

How profound is the above statement! For some, food is a basic amenity and for a few, it is a three-time necessity. But for some, food is their life. And of course, I am included in that. I am an introverted foodie. I love to eat, but within a limit. Being a foodie doesn’t mean that I should gobble up huge portions of the food which I am offered. Also, I don’t have that health-conscious syndrome (coincidentally today is World Health Day). I eat whatever I like and then burn them with exercise & yoga the next morning.

So, when it comes to food, I can’t stop ranting about it. I have so many likes that I can’t sum them up in one blog post. I will speak about a few food items without which my life cannot move forward. I know, I know, there are hungry people in the world for whom even a morsel of rice is delicious. But when we have the opportunity to eat whatever we wish, we must thank God for that and start rambling about it in our blog.

Okay, let me move on to the first item. You’ll be surprised to know that my favorite food is neither a vegetable nor an animal nor a dairy product nor a cereal. It is a fungus! What’s that?! Yes, it is mushroom. I love anything that has mushroom in it. The only mushrooms that are available in my city are the button mushrooms. So, whenever my mom buys a packet or two, I make sure that she either cooks Mushroom Biryani or Mushroom Gravy. The latter is a special gravy with mushrooms, babycorn, red-green-yellow capsicums, onions & garlic which is her trademark dish. Even if I venture out for lunch or dinner, I make sure that my platter includes at least one mushroom dish. It would be either Mushroom Fried Rice or Mushroom Manchurian Gravy.

Mushroom Biryani with Cucumber-Tomato-Carrot Raitha

I am so addicted to mushrooms that I have even planned on opening a restaurant named ‘Mushrooming’ which would provide only mushroom dishes exclusively. Teeheeheee! Okay, if I am speaking about mushrooms, I must also emphasize on its benefits. Mushrooms are made up of 95% water. You don’t have to worry about weight gain anymore. Also, they are completely carbohydrate-free and sugar-free. They also contain Selenium which strengthens your immune system and helps in preventing cancer. So, start eating mushrooms and lead a healthier life.

Next up on my list is Fried Rice. Yes, fried rice is my comfort food. If you want to enliven me, just ring at my doorstep with a bowl of fried rice. That will make my day. Not only mushroom fried rice, I like all kinds – vegetable, panneer, gobi, schezwan, chicken, prawn, etc. Just the aroma of the fried rice being prepared is enough to satiate my hunger pangs. Fried rice along with manchurian gravy equals to heaven for me. So now you know the ultimate secret to impress me! 😛

The third on my list is Instant Noodles. Sheesh! Now I can find a few faces twitching at that. Coz, it’s not healthy, right? Of course, it isn’t. But then, who cares? I don’t have them frequently. I whip up one if I am in a hurry or in a mood to not to have anything else. Maggi Atta Noodles tops the list of my favorites, followed by Yippee Magic Masala and Joymee Noodles. 

Well, let’s move on to something healthy. I also love Ladies Finger Fry, Yam Fry and Potato Fry. Especially the last one is the most favorite. My mom cooks an excellent potato fry dish and my friends from college had drooled over it. I am okay with Ladies Finger in any form. Like, it can be Ladies Finger Kolambu or Ladies Finger Sambar or Ladies Finger Rice. This vegetable is said to boost your memory power and increase your problem solving capacity.

Here comes Pizza. 😀 Yes, I love pizzas, especially if they are from Dominos Pizza. I love the Chef’s Veg Wonder, Veggie Paradise, Roman Veg Supreme and Chef’s Chicken Choice. And, I like my pizzas to be cheesy. Too much junk, eh? 😉

When it comes to traditional Indian food, Pongal is my favorite (though it will make you drowsy after eating it :-D). Then, it is Dosa, Chappathi, Fried Idly, Vada, Sambar Rice and Lemon Rice. Oops! I forgot to mention. I am the craziest fan of Curd Rice. When eaten along with mango pickle or garlic pickle, it is nothing short of magic. Also, curd rice has too many benefits. It helps in digestion, makes you more intelligent, boosts immunity, strengthens your teeth & bones, makes your skin shine and helps to lose weight.

Aaaannnddd, I am crazy about cakes and pastries. If you hand me a piece of cake, I promise that I’ll bless you with all my heart. Initially, I wasn’t that much into cakes. It was a sudden affliction. Especially, if the cake has lots of chocolate in it, then I’ll go ga-ga over it. 🙂

Eggs! Elders will probably tell you that you must have an egg a day. But that isn’t possible with me. I am the Thursday-Friday-Saturday girl who keeps away from non-veg. So, if eggs are served to me the other days, I would devour them like a hungry fox. I like them in the form of omelettes or scrambled eggs.

So, by reading the above, if you conclude me to be a ‘junk’ foodie, let me tell you one thing. I am also equally passionate about fruits, salads, juices and milkshakes. The first post of this challenge was about apples. I strictly follow the regime of consuming apple, pomegranate, orange, guava and grapes. When it comes to juices, I love Sweet Lime Juice, Avacado Milkshake, Chickoo Milkshake, Lemon Juice and Watermelon Juice.

Okay, I think there is too much food here. My relationship with food is always a steady one. No hiccups, no breakups. 🙂

I am linking this post with IndiBlogger’s latest IndiSpire prompt “Explore your relationship with food! #foodfads”.


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    1. Thank you very much. 🙂 Yeah, that’s a good idea. But I would be blogging about food only for a few alphabets. My mind is frenzy with versatile thoughts for other alphabets. 🙂


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