G for Gifts (AToZChallenge)

The practice of gifting has been taking place since ages. Gifting, in itself, is an art. When you give gifts, you expect nothing in return. That feeling of giving something without any expectation is priceless. When you see the smile on your loved one’s face, you will feel at bliss. Contented, I must say. A gift is a form of expression. We express our interest, love, happiness and gratitude through gifts.


There is also an element of surprise in gift-giving. The person to whom you gift wears that surprise on his/her face while unwrapping the gift. And the immediate reaction after seeing the gift, it’s incomparable to anything else in the world. People gift on every occasions – be it Birthday, Wedding, Housewarming party, Birth of a baby, Christmas, Diwali, Holi, Eid, Easter, Valentine’s Day, etc. There are also congratulatory gifts which are given as tokens of appreciation. But the best gifts are those gifts which do not need an occasion at all. Try gifting someone out of the blue, when they don’t expect a gift at all. I bet you’ll feel harmonious. The happiness level is more for the giver than for the receiver. A psychological study says that when you’re the giver, you’ll feel that you’re doing something good and expect that something good will happen to you later.

Also, once in a while, move out of your comfort zone and gift your loved ones creative gifts. Do one by yourself. Draw, design, decorate and just unleash your creativity. Gifts made by yourself are more special than gifts bought from a gift shop. The receiver would surely cherish a handmade gift and hold it close to their heart always. Furthermore, when you prepare a gift by yourself, your senses will be calmed and you’ll find yourself at peace. It surely will have a psychological effect in you.

Then comes the enigma of expensive and inexpensive gifts. Here I must say that, a simple bouquet of flowers trigger the same feeling as a set of pearl necklace. Surprising, isn’t it? Yes, when you gift wholeheartedly, the receiver doesn’t care about the price tag of the gift. Even a simple greeting card can put a smile on your loved one’s face. Because, gifts cannot be explained in monetary terms. They are a way of expressing your love for the other person. But also mind that, certain occasions require expensive gifts. If you are attending a high-end business party or a high profile wedding, then you must gift according to the position which the receiver holds.

Always remember to add a personal touch to your gifts. If you’re gifting a greeting card, include a short and sweet letter along with it or a short love note if you’re gifting it to your significant other. Not only for greeting cards, you can always attach a handwritten letter along with any gift. Thank them for all the kindness they had showered upon you and all that they did for you. Throw in a few appreciative words. Gifts that have a dash of personal touch make lots of heartwarming memories.

The process of gift hunting for the perfect gift for your family or loved one is a lovely experience. You get to parade through various gift shops, ramble through the collections provided by them, discuss with the persons accompanying you and then decide on the ideal gift for them. While having a casual conversation with your family or loved one, try to drop hints and get to know each and everyone’s likes.

Gifts strengthen your bond with others and make your relationships radiant! 🙂

Happy Gifting!


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