Writing Q&A| Finding Time to Start and Finish your Novel

I just cannot move ahead without reblogging this post. For all those sweet morons who think that writers have lots of free time, just read this post by my darling Balakarthiga.

BEcoming Bala


This happens to me, almost everyday.

I have people coming up to me, or pinging me on Facebook, telling me that they’re so ready to write a novel, but they don’t have as much free time ‘as I do’ and thus cannot start or finish a novel – even though they know that  they’ll make a national best seller if only they got the time to write.

Well, here’s a myth buster.


I’m a full time college student and I’m prepping for my summer internship, final year placements and other exams in my free/out-of-college time, so…..umm…no, I didn’t have more free time than anyone else did.

Every time someone says that, I usually  get offended and intimidated, that I just nod silently and leave the room.

But later, when I get back to my room, those words come back to me and…

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