J for Journal Writing (AToZChallenge)

How many of you have the practice of writing a journal? Or have you ever written one? Well, those who have the habit of keeping a journal will associate with this post.


1.You will have a secret chum for life

Isn’t the idea of a secret best friend exciting? Yes, a journal or a personal diary will turn into your thickest friend as days pass by. The reason: You can share almost everything under the sun. There are no restrictions or the fear of being judged. Even if he/she is your best friend, they will have mild inhibitions or opinions regarding you. But a journal will never question you. You can rant about anything and it will be a patient listener. You can vent out your frustrated feelings or share about your secret crush or bitch about that drama queen or write down your personal goals, a journal will bear everything that you scribble on it.

2.Your journal is your mirror

A personal diary is a reflection of what you are. It contains your deepest feelings, your fears, your random musings, your joys, your sorrows and what not. So, just a skim through your journal will tell a lot about you. In fact, it will sum up your entire life. As you read your journal later, you will find how you have evolved yourself through the thick and thin of your life. You will be subjected to self-appreciation – that you’ve emerged as a better person.

3.It makes you feel better

Writing down your feelings is a great stress-buster. Half of your problems will be solved if you put them down in your journal. It will be easy for you to analyze the problem later and come up with an apt solution. Also, after you share your feelings, you’ll feel less burdened and the problem won’t be the same anymore. It’ll make you intuitive and teach a lot about yourself by giving you insights.

4.You can revise your goals

Since you list down your personal goals in your journal, you can easily revise them from time to time. You can sketch your progress, add more goals and feel encouraged as you achieve them. When you have written a perfect list of goals, you will feel contented with yourself. You’ll be determined to accomplish them as soon as possible. You can also share about your cherished dreams and long-lost passion. Though you might have not had a chance to achieve them, you can revel in the imaginary feeling of attaining them.

5.A daily planner in your hand

Your daily chores take up most of your time. And there would be hell lot of forgettable things. You wouldn’t want your mom or dad or spouse to be yelling at you for not buying that extra packet of milk. You can just jot down the errands that you’ve to run, not leaving out a single thing. Since you spend some quality time with your journal, you will surely look at the list and remember what you have to do next.

6.A storehouse for your precious ideas

Your personal journal is your reliable companion wherever you go. An idea can pop up at any time. Even in the most unusual situation. Only at that time you’d realize that you’ve nothing with you to write it down. After you reach home, you’d have most probably forgot about the idea. Hence, a diary is an essential whenever you venture out. Especially if you’re a writer, traveling without a journal is an unforgivable sin.

7.Improve your writing skills

Who wouldn’t want to turn into a flawless writer? Regular journal writing will help you improve your writing and communication skills. By the end of the year, you would be surprised at yourself. How fluent your language has become! Additionally, getting into the practice of writing a diary will also make you creative.

8.Your personal space in the world

Imagine a place where no one exists. Nobody bothers about you. No one interrupts your thoughts. No one judges you. No one questions you about your decisions. How peaceful it would be! Yes, a journal is your OWN personal space where no one can invade your privacy. You’d have all the time in the world for yourself. Just you and your diary! You can be yourself with your journal. You needn’t worry about grammar. The words which you write in your diary are straight from your heart. There are no rules and regulations for them.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a journal and start penning. 🙂

Happy Journaling!



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