K for Kaleidoscope (AToZChallenge)

Why were kaleidoscopes invented? Oops..sorry!! Many don’t even know what’s a kaleidoscope. Wikipedia states, “A kaleidoscope is a cylinder with mirrors containing loose, colored objects such as beads or pebbles and bits of glass. As the viewer looks into one end, light entering the other creates a colorful pattern, due to the reflection off the mirrors”. Hope this definition would have helped you. Or let me say a simple definition, perhaps an example. You might have watched the Telugu film Bommarillu or the Tamil film Santhosh Subramaniam. In a particular scene from these movies, the heroine asks the hero to get her a kaleidoscope from a busily crowded shopping market. He steals it for her. Later, she would be seeing through the kaleidoscope in another scene. So, that is called a kaleidoscope. What the heroine sees through the kaleidoscope must be experienced by you practically. Therefore, go and get a kaleidoscope from a fancy articles shop (because nowadays there are many variations of kaleidoscope like toy kaleidoscope which is filled with miniature colored toys rather than beads or bits of colored glass) or from a science exhibition (where you would get the original kaleidoscope).


Well, now I am not here to bore you with the explanation of how a kaleidoscope works. You can find it in the Internet. I am going to preach you (sorry for that) what a kaleidoscope teaches us. Or let me put it in this way, I will tell you some life lessons which you can learn from the patterns formed inside a kaleidoscope. Let us say that there are different colored bits of glass namely red,green,blue,violet,orange,yellow,pink,brown,black and white. These bits of glass represent different characteristics such as:

1.Red (love,passion,energy,determination and anger).

2.Green (prosperity,balance,growth and possessiveness).

3.Blue (trust,peace and frigidity).

4.Violet (imagination,creativity and impracticality).

5.Orange (social communication,optimism and superiority).

6.Yellow (cheerful,intelligent,impatience and cowardice).

7.Pink (unconditional love,nurturing and silly).

8.Brown (down-to-earth,comfort and material wealth).

9.Black (sorrowful,secretive and mysterious).

10.White (purity,innocence and completion).

These ten colors are combination of both positive and negative characters. Likewise, the kaleidoscope is the world in which the bits of glass represent the different virtues. Whereas the infinite number of patterns formed by the bits represent the people in the world. Each pattern is different from the other. You can never find a pattern exactly similar to another pattern. The same applies to people of the world. No two individuals can possess the same characteristics. Each and every person has different combination of characteristics. Some people form a pattern of red,pink,yellow and blue. And some might form a pattern of brown,white,orange and green. Patterns can never be the same. People also can never be the same. You can’t expect a child to excel like another child in academics. There might be other characteristics in that particular child. This is the sole purpose of humanity-to understand that each and every individual is different and talented in their own way. This is lesson #1 taught by the kaleidoscope.

Another lesson which the kaleidoscope teaches us is that the past can never be repaired and the future can never be predicted. Let us consider the patterns as events that take place in our life. The rotation of the kaleidoscope represents the time which passes away. As you can see, there might be a pattern of orange,red and yellow in a flower shape. But when you rotate the kaleidoscope, the pattern changes to a combination of blue,green and pink in spade shape. How much ever you try to rotate in the reverse direction, you cannot get the orange,red and yellow flower shape pattern. So, even our past cannot be revisited or repaired. Bygones are always bygones. Time will keep rotating forward as you rotate the kaleidoscope in clockwise direction. And also you cannot know what pattern lies next. It might be in any shape and in any combination of colors. You can never predict the next visual delight (or it might not be). Similarly, you cannot predict your future too. What will happen next is a big question mark. Anything might happen at any moment. So, we have to enjoy the present and be happy with what we have at that moment. This is lesson #2 which the kaleidoscope teaches us.

These are the basic lessons which people should be aware of. There are no similar people in the world; everyone has a different ability and virtue. The past cannot be changed and the future cannot be written by us; enjoy the present to the utmost.

Keep smiling! And also don’t forget to buy a kaleidoscope. See through it and you will understand these two lessons of life. 🙂


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