10 Amazing Reasons To Listen To Radio

So, it has been a long time since I’ve blogged. My blog had almost become stagnant. That’s because after a frenzy start of theΒ A To Z Challenge, I was crazily blogging away. I wrote lots of blog posts and my blog was surprisingly gaining traffic. And it was at that moment, well, I can say – after posting on the letter M, I realized that I have a tight schedule coming up and I wouldn’t be able to continue the challenge anymore! :-O I was grief-stricken for a few days. But then the rushing world caught up with me and I immersed myself in other works of mine, that I didn’t even have time to visit my blog. Phew! Only if I’d the power to manipulate time, I’d have continued blogging (oops! Sorry for this eccentric line. The Suriya starrer science fiction movie ’24’ has released today and hence I am bringing in the concept of time travel into my blog post πŸ˜€ ). Well, well, now that I am back, Musings Lounge will see some action.

Today, I am gonna write about our dear old Radio (now almost forgotten with the invention of various music apps). A few years ago, radio was the ruling rooster of media. After the television, people looked up to the radio to keep themselves abreast with the current affairs, find solace in the beautiful songs and get entertained with the rollicking voices of the RJs who came up with interesting tidbits laced with humour. Radio was played almost in every household, autorickshaws, cars, tea shops and supermarkets. Though the trend still continues, I can find that a few houses are now booming with playlist songs from the home theater system (yeah, I admit I too do that. πŸ˜€ But I give equal importance to radio also). So, gradually radio has lost its charm in the sprawling metropolitan apartments, where people are satisfied with the songs being played via their mobile phones, Ipods or tablets.

There are a few reasons why listening to radio is still amazing and that everyone should revive its lost charisma. Here are the reasons:

1.The RJs are always with you

There is always someone with whom you can feel a connect, even if you’re alone at home. A friendly voice welcomes you with a warm good morning message and of course, it also plays energetic songs for you to wake up and get going. You can always listen to the RJs and suddenly feel that you aren’t alone. That’s the hold they have on you.

2.House chores turn interesting

How would you finish the boring house chores without good music? Yeah, though you can play the songs from your playlist, there might be some songs which are of lesser volume or bland ones or voice recordings. You might want to skip them, but are unable to do so, since you’ve to keep a watch on the boiling milk on the stove. This wouldn’t have been the case if you’d been listening to radio. You’d be subjected to just sheer uninterrupted music.

3.Access to hordes of information

Yes, throughout the day, the RJs keep informing you about the latest happenings that are taking place in the various parts of the nation. You needn’t even take your mobile phone to check them. The sweet RJs bring them to you in the most innovative manner.

4.ROFL throughout the day

Along with the beautiful songs, the RJs crack rib-tickling jokes that ease your irritated mood and teach you to take everything in a lighthearted manner. The jokes aren’t something that would pass as a slapstick. They would linger in your minds for a long time and you can also share them with a family member after they’re back home.

5.Only the best interviews

You get to listen to perfectly candid interviews of celebrities. Actors, singers, directors and other popular faces are camera conscious and they tend to conceal things under pressure. But there is no need to face the camera or worry about their looks. So, what you get is a heartfelt interview from them.


6.Tips for everything on your fingertips

Tips on beauty? You get it. Advice on parenting? You get it. Review about a new movie? You get it. Ideas on what to do next? You get it. Yeah, you get almost anything. Radio can turn out to be the 24/7 best friend that you never had.

7.No more boring drives

Your morning and evening drive to office and back to home can be heavenly when there is radio with you. The best way to kill boredom while traveling is to tune in to any FM station. You would have your perfect driving companion with you.

8.Awww, freebies!!!

Contests, trivia, competitions and what not. You can participate in contests throughout the day and win free goodies. Now, who doesn’t like a couple pass to the new movie that has released? Who doesn’t like to get pampered by free gifts? Additionally, the RJs keep you updated about other contests too that aren’t radio oriented.

9.Some soul curry here and there

So, the next time you feel that your life is meaningless, just tune in to radio and connect with a RJ who would provide you with some wisdom and guide you in the right direction. Yes, they can seriously help you feel better.

10.Share your views bravely. PERIOD.

Interesting debates are also conducted through the radio. You heard it right. The RJs pose questions to you, ask you to call them up and share your opinions about a particular issue. You can talk to them freely and most important – they wouldn’t judge you for your views.

In addition to the above mentioned reasons, radio-addicts have n number of reasons to listen to radio. So, start listening to radio or rather restart that old habit of yours. I am sure you wouldn’t regret it.


Kavya Janani.U

Photo Credit: Stuart Chalmers via Compfight cc


2 thoughts on “10 Amazing Reasons To Listen To Radio

  1. Hi Kavya.
    How are you?
    Came over to your blog after seeing your post on Indiblogger.
    We are a married couple from Mumbai, very new to blogging.
    Listening to radio is fun, especially FM, when travelling.
    Trust you will find some time to visit our blog and leave a comment on our new post.
    Best wishes and regards.
    Vee N Ric


    1. Hi Vee N Ric,
      Nice to meet you here. I am doing good. Thank you. How are you?
      And thank you so much for your comments. πŸ™‚
      I will surely go through your blog and comment on your posts when I find time.


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