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Book Review: Like A Love Song by Nikita Singh

Book Name: Like A Love Song

Author: Nikita Singh

Publisher: Harlequin India

Pages: 280


‘Like a Love Song’ has a young woman Maahi come to terms in seeking true love, something that remains elusive for many and most dreams often die before they could ever be lived.

A four year old traumatizing heartbreak is something that the young woman finds hard to overcome. Time does heal and so it was for Maahi.

Just when she has nearly buried the past and is out exploring new relationships, having become confident of being in a true love bond, the past comes around to haunt Maahi.


This is the first time I have read a book written by Nikita Singh. So, I am not going to judge the book based on her previous writing. Many have said that she has improved as a writer. But for me, this is her first writing and I am going to consider it from that perspective. Well, to begin with, Like a Love Song is much similar to other candyfloss books in the Indian writing scenario. The book contains ample dosage of love, friendship, heartbreak, self-discovery and struggle. What’s more! Nikita sprinkles some humor here and there, which makes the book a lighthearted read. The way in which she develops the plot is quiet interesting. She divides the book into parts and each part ends on an anticipatory note. The protagonist Maahi is not flawless. She struggles, commits mistakes, faces her fears and discovers herself through her troubles. A few women can easily relate to her. Especially the dilemma of not knowing what you really want has been portrayed with the right depth. But I wonder whether any girl would discontinue her studies just for the sake of a breakup, given the story is set in a contemporary era. Are women that vulnerable that they can leave everything just because a man broke their heart? Maybe Nikita could have justified it by telling that Maahi loathed engineering and she had to discontinue it. That act of Maahi was unsatisfactory.

Moving on to the other characters, Laila as the best friend of Maahi was convincing. She was peppered with apt suaveness and she came across as a sassy yet responsible girl. The characterizations of Kishan, Siddhant and Sarthak were cat on the wall, neither greater nor lesser. Especially Siddhanth’s revelation after Maahi reveals about her escapade with Kishan was written weakly. Meanwhile, Kishan’s chameleonic character left the right impact.

The main theme – baking – was interwoven excellently along with the plot, with yummy cupcakes dominating most of the book. The romance was also not forced, it seemed to gently flow along with the story. One great relief was that there was no overload of expletives. However, I felt that sometimes the pace of the story was tad boring. Nikita could have reduced a few unwanted details and made the plot little more crisper. Otherwise the narration was excellent. I was not thoroughly impressed with the ending. I felt like the loose ends were not properly tied up. Maybe Nikita has planned to write a sequel. Only time will tell.

Overall, Like a Love Song makes for a lovey-dovey read on your vacation or on your daily commute to work. Though there is nothing unique about the story, it can be enjoyed for Nikita’s style of writing.

Rating: 3/5

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Kavya Janani.U


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