Debut Novel

With Love, Forever (Blurb)

A few months ago I’d shared the blurb of my yet-to-be-published first novel ‘With Love, Forever’. Well, it was just a rough synopsis. But I received good response for it and decided to rewrite a more effective blurb. Unlike the previous one, this doesn’t give out too much details about the plot and stays true to its premise. Also, I have decided to rewrite a few scenes in my novel, so that the story will have more depth, a deeper wordplay and a wider appeal. This would be done before I pitch in to publishers again. I am going to make sure that the story strikes a chord with them.

A short musing for my baby before I proceed with the photo blurb.

And a voice somewhere faraway,

A voice that breaks the silence of the night,

A voice that fills the chambers of my heart with saudade,

A voice that shaped this tale,

A voice that sends out cryptic messages through coincidences,

A voice that paints quintessential pictures through serendipity,

A voice that is ever unreachable,

A voice that guides me throughout,

A voice that is supposed to be alive,

Whispers euphoniously in my ears,

That this story will find its place in the universe,

Creep into the unknown crevices of its readers’ hearts

And honour the cherished dream of an optimistic dame.

Here goes the blurb:


So, how is it? Let me know your feedback. 🙂


Kavya Janani.U


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