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Book Review: Daily Dose of Infatuation & Other Stories by Babitha KS

Book Name: Daily Dose of Infatuation and Other Stories

Author: Babitha KS

Publisher: Quintus

Pages: 111


A ruthless killer finds his happy ending while a loving mother is carelessly abandoned by her family. A young girl develops a crush on her passenger while another waits all day in a café on her birthday for her lover. Unconditional love for his dog makes a man rethink his marriage. A woman breaks free from her forced marriage while another trades her daughter for a son to save hers. A young girl is haunted by her guilty conscience and an inspector is baffled by a series of unnatural kidnaps. These eleven stories deal with everyday emotions which we tend to ignore—emotions which cause us to take actions you might not normally perform, or avoid situations that we generally enjoy, emotions which end up governing our lives.


The author Babitha KS personally approached me for a honest review of her book Daily Dose of Infatuation and Other Stories. It is a collection of 11 short stories – each of different genre. Some stories are simple & straightforward, while some are unpredictable. The foremost advantage is that no story is similar to another one in terms of plot, construction and narration. Let me dissect each story and tell you what’s good & what’s not.

Adoption: This is a simple story of a mother who is abandoned by her family. She finds love & kindness from strangers. The story has a gentle flow and has a heartwarming end. It tugs at your heartstrings as it is candid and sincere.

Daily Dose of Infatuation: A girl working in an IT company has an enormous crush on her fellow traveler. However, not everything is rosy as it seems. I felt that this story could have been enhanced in terms of plot construction. It turned out to be run-of-the-mill.

Daughter: This is yet another story that is rich for its simplicity. It makes you to rethink some preconceived notions that you have about having a girl child. It truthfully teaches you a lesson. One of my picks.

Guilt & Punishment: Yet another story that has a strong social message. It can put your ‘Ignorance is bliss’ habit to test. I liked the way the story took shape. Babitha almost makes us believe that a supernatural entity is lurking around. Another pick.

Masked Mayhem: This story is about a group of masked bandits who shoot, paralyze, rob and kidnap people when they least anticipate it. However, the story takes a harsh turn in the middle. I felt that the plot had an artificial tone to it. It could have been better.

Match Made in Heaven: First, I must appreciate Babitha for attempting something different. This is an unusual love story. But sadly, it didn’t go down well with me. Maybe others would like the concept. I wasn’t thoroughly impressed with the entire idea and the ending.

Sweet Escape: This story was like applying cold water on a burnt area. I liked the tongue-in-cheek manner of the story. But I couldn’t fathom how a girl who was confined to four walls found secret love. That loophole was left open.

Two Weddings & A Dog: I was very impressed with the title and also with the story. I don’t own pets, yet I could feel a connect with this tale. It was so lovable, that even a person who doesn’t like dogs, would form a bond with them. Another pick.

Victim: This was a thumping tale, actually. I liked every aspect of it. It had me on the edge, though it isn’t a complete thriller. This is the first time I have loved a legal story. A neat plot with no ambiguity. One more pick.

Wicked Game: After a couple of excellent stories, I felt this one a bit let down. The plot started off well, but meandered off-track towards the end. The climax wasn’t much clear and that bogged down the intensity of this simple love story.

Zombie Revenge: Another cleverly plotted story. This had all the elements of a true-blue deception story. I like any story that has a magician in it. Because, well, they do something mysterious, right? (though they are illusions & tricks). Loved it!

Summing up, Daily Dose of Infatuation and Other Stories is a bunch of admirable short stories from a debutante. What works is the different genres of the stories. What doesn’t work is the editing. Babitha could have hired a better editor as I found many punctuation and sentence construction mistakes.

Picks: Daughter, Guilt & Punishment, Two Weddings & A Dog, Victim, Zombie Revenge.

Rating: 3/5

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Kavya Janani.U


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