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A micro tale and a snippet

If you are on Facebook, you might have probably come across the page The Scribbled Stories. They publish micro tales, snippets, musings and stories. The tales in the page are really enthralling to read. Do visit the page and see for yourself. I am sure that you’d not regret.

Here is a micro tale of mine published by them:


You can find it here: Micro Tale by Kavya Janani

And, here is a snippet of mine published by them:


You can find it here: Snippet by Kavya Janani

You can also submit your own micro tales, snippets, musings and stories here: Submit for The Scribbled Stories

I will keep you updated if more tales of mine are published. 🙂


Kavya Janani.U



4 thoughts on “A micro tale and a snippet

  1. Haha, awesome, Kavi!! ❤ Both snippets of yours are full of sass 😀 ❤ I got a little snippet that I just made up I hope you like 😀

    A phone exchange between mother and son:

    'Mum, I just arrived at the resort.'

    'It took you that long? I thought you landed at the airport two hours ago.'

    'How did you know that?!'

    'Faceless people from all over the world on Facebook told me.'

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  2. I’ve read your snippets and microtales… THEY ARE SIMPLY AWESOME… ❤

    I too wrote a poem 2 days ago and submitted it to The Scribbled Stories…
    They have asked me to wait 2 weeks… I wanted to know whether they notify you with email or anything if your story/poem/microtale/snippet is posted???

    I'd love to share the poem here but its a bit too long…. Sorry…

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