26 Underrated Hindi Songs of A.R.Rahman That You Must Definitely Listen

Yeah! I am back with the sequel of 20 Underrated Tamil Songs of A.R.Rahman That You Must Definitely Listen. Here I am gonna discuss about the less popular Hindi gems of A.R.Rahman. If they aren’t in your playlist right now, you must definitely add them at least for a listen.

26. Boodon Se Baatein (Thakshak)

There are people who don’t even know that this number exists. And there are some ARR devotees like me who know that the song Manasukkul Oru Puyal (Star) is the rehash of this number. Nevertheless, this is one melody that you shouldn’t miss. Especially during the monsoon.

You can listen to the audio song here: Boodon Se Baatein

25. Nahin Samne (Taal)

While ‘Taal Se Taal Mila’, ‘Ishq Bina Kya’ and ‘Kahin Aag Lage’ ruled the rooster in this soundtrack, this heartrending melody was left far behind. I must say it gained listeners only as years progressed.

24. Ek Tu Hi Bharosa (Pukar)

You do remember Pukar, right? Yeah, that ‘Kay Sera Sera’ album. It is an universally accepted fact that Pukar’s soundtrack became a raging success only because of that number. The other songs were pushed behind. While songs like ‘Sunta Hai Mera Khuda’ and ‘Kismat Se Tum’ too gained popularity, this number is the most underrated one.

23. Khamoshiyan Gungunane Lagi (One 2 Ka 4)

Since the movie did not fare well in the box office, this rare gem was not much noticed. Rahman’s ethereal flute sections, coupled with the nightingale voice of Lata Mangeshkar and the feathery voice of Sonu Nigam, this mellifluous number is a treat to listen.

You can listen the audio song here: Khamoshiyan Gungunane Lagi

22. Gup Chup Baatein (Love You Hamesha)

Though this number is a rehash of the super-duper melody En Mel Vizhundha, it is equally elegant like the original one. The silky voices of Hariharan and Sadhana Sargam ooze with melody in every line. A must-listen!

21. Naina Milaike (Saathiya)

While Rahman used his Tamil tunes from Alaipaayuthey for this remake, he composed different tunes for the songs ‘Evano Oruvan’ and ‘Alaipaayuthey Kanna’. This sweet classical number is the replacement for the latter. Crooned by Sadhana Sargam and Madhushree, this qawwali type song is a gem.

20. Ae Nazneen Suno Na (Dil Hi Dil Mein)

The Tamil counterpart of this number ‘Enna Vilai Azhage’ was a chartbuster. But sadly, this number did not receive the attention that it was supposed to. Sung by the effervescent Abhijeet, this melody can make any Rahman fan fall in love with it instantly.

You can listen to the audio song: Ae Nazneen Suno Na

19. Do Kadam (Meenaxi)

Meenaxi had some superhit songs like ‘Chinnamma Chilakamma’ and ‘Yeh Rishta’. But due to the poor performance of the movie, even those two songs faded in time. But this song rendered by Sonu Nigam is an unknown gem which is mellifluous and makes for a great listen on a lovey-dovey evening.

You can listen to the audio song here: Do Kadam

18. Dil Ne Jise Apna Kaha (Dil Ne Jise Apna Kaha)

A.R.Rahman could not complete composing for this movie, since he was busy with other projects. However, he composed 3 songs before Himesh Reshammiya took over. This title song is a slow poison which would grow on you after repeated listens. You can add it to your playlist for Rahman’s signature style tune and Sujata Trivedi’s honey-dipping voice.

You can listen to the audio song here: Dil Ne Jise Apna Kaha

17. Saanwariya Saanwariya (Swades)

I am surprised when people are oblivious to the existence of this number. Swades was a chartbuster album which had hits like ‘Yeh Tara Woh Tara’, ‘Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera’ and ‘Yun Hi Chala Chal’. But people considered ‘Dekho Na’ to be underrated compared to this one (‘Dekho Na’ was also equally celebrated). This number is a must-listen for all Alka Yagnik fans.

You can listen to the audio song here: Saanwariya Saanwariya

16. Tu Bin Bataye (Rang De Basanti)

Rang De Basanti is still considered to be one of the finest works of A.R.Rahman. The reason: Songs like these ‘Rang De Basanti’, ‘Khalbali’, ‘Roobaroo’ and ‘Paatshala’. Among the other numbers, this is the most underrated. Yet another slow poison that might sear your soul after a few listens. The slow progression of this number is beautiful in all the terms.

You can listen to the audio song here: Tu Bin Bataye

15. Ay Hairathe (Guru)

While you may be familiar with ‘Barso Re’, ‘Tera Bina’ and ‘Mayya Mayya’, this beautiful duet is something which everyone must listen to. Rahman’s trademark composition.

14. Jaane Tu Mera Kya Hai (Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na)

Of the 7 songs composed for this movie, only 4 were in the movie. The rest weren’t noticed much. Among them ‘Tu Bole Main Boloon’ was placed as a bit song in the first scene of the movie. The other two songs ‘Jaane Tu Mera Kya Hai (Aditi)’ and ‘Jaane Tu Meri Kya Hai (Jai)’ became underrated ones. Just listen to the female version of this number and revel in its beauty.

You can listen to the audio song here: Jaane Tu Mera Kya Hai

Male version: Jaane Tu Meri Kya Hai

13. Ishq Ada Hai (Ada)

The entire movie sunk without a trace. The work for the movie started in 2001 during which Rahman composed the songs. But the movie was shelved and later restarted with a new script. The soundtrack was finally released in 2008 and the movie in 2010. It was like a blink-and-miss one. Hence, the songs were never noticed. But, according to me, it is one of Rahman’s best albums that needs recognition. Each and every song in the album is a rare gem. This is the title song which has two versions.

You can listen to the audio song here: Ishq Ada Hai

12. Tu Mera Hai (Ada)

Another number from the same movie. This old-school melody crooned by K.S.Chitra, Sukhwinder Singh and Naresh Iyer is a wonderful romantic ballad. This should be immediately added to your playlist.

You can listen to the audio song here: Tu Mera Hai

11. Manmohini Morey (Yuvvraaj)

A brilliant classical fusion from Rahman. Vijay Prakash croons the gamakas with elan. This number was overshadowed by other hits like ‘Tu Meri Dost Hai’ and ‘Tu Muskura’.

You can listen to the audio song here: Manmohini Morey

10. Zindagi Zindagi (Yuvvraaj)

Another song from the same album which occurs as a bit number in a montage sequence. However, listening to the entire song is pure bliss. Especially when you have the mellifluous voice of Srinivas.

You can listen to the audio song here: Zindagi Zindagi

9. Dil Gira Dafatan (Delhi-6)

Admit it, Delhi-6 was an astounding soundtrack. With super cool numbers like ‘Masakali’, ‘Arziyan’, ‘Genda Phool’ and ‘Delhi-6 (Title)’, this number was left far behind. The unpredictable progression of the tune is what makes this number click. Forget the picturization, just plug on your headphones and listen.

You can listen to the audio song here: Dil Gira Dafatan

8. Rehna Tu (Delhi-6)

No words to explain. I am tired of ranting about how much I love this number. Once you listen to it, you’d get addicted.

You can listen to the audio song here: Rehna Tu

7. Do Nishaniyan (Jhootha Hi Sahi)

If something can be called heartrending, then this number is the synonym. I still wonder how Rahman could belt out such a melodious pathos. Everything about this number is just magical.

You can listen to the audio song here: Do Nishaniyan

6. Tum Ko (Rockstar)

While the male version of this number was a runaway hit, this remained rather behind. It is one of Kavita Krishnamurthy’s best songs. You can never get enough of this number once it’s in your playlist.

5. Sharminda Hoon (Ekk Deewana Tha)

The most beautiful love song of all the time ‘Mannipaaya’ was rehashed in Hindi as this number. Since the movie did not set the cash registers ringing, the songs were also pushed behind (except ‘Hosanna’).

You can listen to the audio song here: Sharminda Hoon

4. Nazar Laaye (Raanjhanaa)

A breezy romantic number that would make you crave for more. The brilliant use of acoustics along with the velvety voices of Rashid Ali and Neeti Mohan is just charming.

3. Piya Milenge (Raanjhanaa)

I can tell that this is the best ever Sufi fusion. Rahman composes a heartwarming tune and intersperses it with the elegant voice of Sukhwinder Singh and heavenly chorus of KMMC Sufi Ensemble.

You can listen to the audio song here: Piya Milenge

2. Tu Kuja (Highway)

Songs like ‘Patakha Guddi’, ‘Maahi Ve’ and ‘Sooha Saaha’ were chartbusters. Among the lesser known ones, this qawwali type number is the cherry on the cake. The highlight is the powerful voice of Sunidhi Chauhan.

1. Chali Kahani (Tamasha)

The most celebrated numbers of this soundtrack are ‘Matargashti’, ‘Agar Tum Saath Ho’ and ‘Heer Toh Badi Sad Hai’. However, the true celebration of the album lies in this thumping number. This song can never be categorized, for it is a fusion of many a genre.

Never commit the mistake of missing these rare gems of A.R.Rahman!


Kavya Janani.U


4 thoughts on “26 Underrated Hindi Songs of A.R.Rahman That You Must Definitely Listen

  1. You missed out quite a lot of others – mahive , jogiya jogiya from legend of bhagat singh, desh ki mitti, ghoomparani from bose the forgotten hero, the beautiful sona nahin from one 2 ka 4, Toofan ki raat from thakshak, chodo more baiyan from zubeidaa are quite a few that strike my mind now

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  2. Hey, thanks for sharing with us. keep posting and please do post on Best Hindi Sad Songs List Latest also.good job keep up the work.
    such as your airctle is too good. it’s really nice….keep rocking


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