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Book Review: In Love with Shah Rukh Khan by Ajitabha Bose

Book Name: In Love with Shah Rukh Khan

Author: Ajitabha Bose

Publisher: Authors’ Ink Publications

Pages: 70

About the author:

Ajitabha Bose is an author, filmmaker, designer and an entrepreneur. He is a world record holder for publishing the smallest love story book in India. Currently based at Delhi, he was born and brought up in Jamshedpur. He introduced the first pocket story book in India. His other works include – The Untold Love Stories (2014), It’s A Love Story (2013), Love: A Sweet Poison (2014), Zindagi: The Story of Life (2014) and The Pocket Love Story (2014).


Everyone has a dream. It’s just that some dreams get fulfilled and others remain confined in hearts.
Aanya was a small town girl and Vivaan was a flirt. Life takes a different turn when love brought them together.
She had a dream of meeting Shah Rukh Khan. He promised to fulfill it.
What lies ahead?
Where will destiny lead them?
Read this heartwarming tale of love, dreams and emotions.

Book Review:

This ‘World’s Smallest Love Story Book’ is as exciting as it sounds. This is an ambrosia for all those bookworms who are in dearth of time. It just takes 15-20 minutes to complete the entire book. The size is really small that you can enclose the book in your palm and carry it in your pocket. Ajitabha Bose should be appreciated for the novel concept which has been celebrated all over. Noriko Kasai has done a commendable job on the cover illustration of Shah Rukh Khan.

Moving on to the story, this little book is a love story between two collegians Aanya and Vivaan. Aanya is a die-hard fan of Shah Rukh Khan. She has a club dedicated to him on Facebook, has a wall in her house adorned with his posters and keeps a tab on him on a minute-to-minute basis. But the story is more of the love between Aanya & Vivaan than Aanya’s fangirl moments. So, logically it doesn’t stay true to its title. However, Ajitabha pens a pretty good love story. The lead characters take time in getting to know each other and gradually fall in love. I am not able to categorize the plot as greater or lesser. I felt it as a run-of-the-mill love story which I had seen in lots of movies, expect the Shah Rukh Khan factor.

Also, there were many grammatical mistakes. For example, there was a sentence ‘She looked angel’. What the author meant was ‘She looked like an angel’, but the end product was something else which doesn’t make sense. There were also many unnecessary capital letters and punctuation marks used in between. So, I felt the editing could have been tighter. Nevertheless, these errors remain negligible compared to the time with which you can finish the book.

In Love with Shah Rukh Khan is a teeny-weeny breezy read, when you have a tea break at your office. A great dedication for the Baadshah!

Rating: 2.5/5

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