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Book Review: Three Girls And A Crime (The Beach House Affair) by Balakarthiga.M

Book Name: Three Girls And A Crime (The Beach House Affair)

Author: Balakarthiga.M

Publisher: Kindle Direct Publishing

Pages: 66

About the author:

Balakarthiga.M is a 22 year old blogger turned author, who has loved birthing books ever since she was 19. She is a caffeine addict who enjoys binge writing, people watching, and is a proud Gryffindor. Currently pursuing her masters at National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, she is strongly passionate about storytelling and intends to make a living off of her pen someday.

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Apart from being a brilliant author, I am proud to tell that Balakarthiga is my best friend and soul sister. I have already talked a lot about her in this post: Downright Magic. So, let me not go into introductions. I will plunge straight into the story and what it is all about.

To begin with, Bala hasn’t written any mystery story previously. This is her first attempt at thriller and I must say, she has done a commendable job. More than being an out and out murder mystery, this story focuses on friendship, family, compassion and forbidden love. You get to read a deep character study of the murder victim Marilyn. I liked how Bala had portrayed her to be a strong woman, yet vulnerable. However, there is a breaking point in every human’s life. And it comes for Marilyn too. This is where emotions play a major role in the story. I loved the conversations between Marilyn and her dad at the hospital. There are some valuable lessons for everyone in those exchanges. Also, Bala has ever mellowly touched the topic of feminism, which serves as a refreshment. 🙂

Moving on to the protagonists, there are three girls – Evita, Zeba and Tanya. Though these girls come across as budding collegians, they turn inquisitive once they encounter a mystery that is closer to home. They don the caps of detectives and persuade Tanya’s brother Maaran (another handsomely written character) to let them meet Dr.Madhan (a deftly portrayed suspect). The knots are disentangled one by one and result in an unexpected climax. Well, apart from mystery, there is love too! While Bala depicts Evita to be heartbroken, there is also a shimmer of hope when she meets Maaran. That leaves a lot of scope for their love to develop, if Bala has planned to write a sequel. 😉 My only complaint is that the story is too short and it would leave you wanting for more.  Hope Bala publishes the other installments of this mystery series soon!

Overall, Three Girls And A Crime is a quick mystery read while you travel in trains or buses. You would surely be hooked to the story right from the beginning. Don’t miss this shortie! 🙂

Rating: 3.5/5

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