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30 Yuvan Shankar Raja Songs That Are Close to My Heart

Yuvan Shankar Raja ruled the music industry a few years ago with his rocking chartbusters and mesmerizing melodies. His songs were a rage among the youngsters. Even today, his songs find a place in every playlist. However, after facing a few failures, his albums weren’t enjoyed much and he is yet to make a strong comeback. He has become selective about his films and composes only for a movie or two in a year. So, on the account of his birthday, I am here to list out 30 songs (in decreasing order of likability) composed by him which would always stay close to my heart.

30.Kadhal Aasai (Anjaan)

Yeah, this is a new addition. Yuvan has experimented with qawwali in this number and the end product is something which warms your heart instantly. Furthermore, he himself has sung this song and that makes it even more enjoyable.

29.Idhu Varai (Goa)

You wouldn’t find a Yuvan fan without liking this number. A mellowing western-melody that is instantly addictive. This song climbed the charts as soon as it was launched. Andrea Jeremiah and Ajeesh are simply fantastic in their rendition.

28.Theendi Theendi (Bala)

Unnikrishnan, Sujatha Mohan and a tune to reckon for. What else do you want? This passionate melody is a treat for all the romantics. Yuvan’s mindblowing flute interludes are something to watch out for.

27.Arabu Naade (Thottal Poo Malarum)

I have been in awe with this song right from the first listen. First, it is for the mellifluous Sufi-esque tune. Second, it is for the upbeat rhythm. And third, it is for Haricharan’s honey-dipping voice which oozes with melody.

26.Ariyadha Vayasu (Paruthiveeran)

While many were going ga-ga about Iyyayo song from this movie, I chose to stick to this one. Just for the rawness of the tune and Ilaiyaraaja’s earthy voice. I could never believe that Yuvan had composed this song. And the interludes are just out-of-the-world!

25.Sirugugal Vandhadhu (Sarvam)

When I first listened to this number, I thought that Yuvan had rehashed some Hindi song tune. But, no, he did not. It was an original number. I was so overjoyed. Because the number had in it everything that warmed my heart. Lovely tune, fast paced rhythm, voices of Javed Ali & Madhushree and Pa.Vijay’s poetic lyrics.

24.Vaartha Onnu (Thaamirabharani)

Simplicity is what this song is all about. A laidback tune for a tense moment in the movie! Only Yuvan Shankar Raja can do that. However, it is K.K’s powerful voice that emotes the hero’s pain commendably.

23.En Kadhal Solla (Paiya)

Well, well, there can never be a Yuvan fan who doesn’t like this song. It is THE ULTIMATE Yuvan song that still remains a rage among the youngsters. And what is so special about this song? Actually nothing. It has a simple tune, heartfelt lyrics by late Na.Muthukumar and Yuvan’s fruity vocals. Yet it was a chartbuster only because of Yuvan’s sheer magic.

22.Oru Devathai (Vaamanan)

Reasons for loving this song: 1.Heartrending violin sections 2.Roopkumar Rathod’s mesmerizing voice 3.The overall tune structure. Well, almost everything!

21.Munpaniya (Nanda)

Words defy me if I have to describe the beauty of this melody. It is everything that a person in love need to listen. And….S.P.Balasubrahmanyam!

20.Anukoledenadu (Oye)

I seriously don’t know what I like so much about this number. Whether it’s the upbeat rhythm or Shreya Ghoshal’s mellifluous voice or the overall breeziness, I don’t know. But, it definitely does something to me each time I listen to it.

19.Thottu Thottu (Kadhal Kondein)

Right from the word ‘go’ till the end, this song is a wholesome experience. Be it the dance-able beats or Harish Ragavendra’s strong rendition or late Na.Muthukumar’s lyrics, there is something for everyone in this number.

18.Yaarodu Yaaro (Yogi)

I do fervently hope that people remember this number as an audio song. Each time I ask someone about this song, they would associate it with the video (of course, it’s awesome, the baby and it’s cuteness). But I wish people pay attention to the heartwrenching lyrics and Yuvan’s well-emoted rendition.

17.Merke Merke (Kanda Naal Mudhal)

Awwww!!! How much I love this song! Perfect listen for lovey-dovey evenings. Shankar Mahadevan and Sadhana Sargam’s voices are the cherries on the cake. A complete package this one.

16.En Anbe En Anbe (Mounam Pesiyadhe)

My list of ‘Songs to listen before you die’ will definitely have this one. Yes, this number is such a sweet melody that it instantly hooks you on from the first listen. I have been, I am and I will be in love with this song forever.

15.Engeyo Partha (Yaradi Nee Mohini)

Only a few can completely understand the intricacies in this melodious number. If I should quote one heartwarming song for a rainy day, then this would be my pick. Udit Narayanan’s ‘flawless’ rendition, coupled with Yuvan’s strings and flutes are definitely a treat!

14.Yedhedho Ennangal (Pattiyal)

Many people have almost forgotten this song. I mean, how could they? How can a beautiful number like this one be forgot? Wasn’t Yuvan’s passionate rendition enough to make it sustain in their playlists? Go on. Listen to this now!

13.Kadhal Valarthen (Manmadhan)

Mindblowing tune, well structured rhythm, K.K’s honey-dipping voice and the lovely interludes. Yes, this number has got everything in it. And it’s still a chartbuster, I must say.

12.Kadhal Mattum (Kadhal Kondein)

This song grew on me as years passed by. And Vijay Yesudhas’s voice is pure magic. No one else could have crooned so well. Though the number has a simple tune, it’s catchy and melodious too.

11.Waiting For You (Oye)

Yet another gem from the film Oye. If Anukoledenadu did something to me, this number seared my soul and still dwells in my veins. I love this one TO THE CORE!

10.Ninaithu Ninaithu (7G Rainbow Colony)

7G Rainbow Colony is the film which established Yuvan Shankar Raja as the numero uno. Every number is a gem in it. And Ninaithu Ninaithu (Shreya Ghoshal’s version) is the most melodious one. The poetic lyrics, the pathos tune and the overall feel is just unmatchable!

9.Venmegam (Yaradi Nee Mohini)

Bliss is listening to Hariharan’s mesmerizing voice on a serene night. Yes, this is such a song which would calm your senses and fill you with tranquility at the end of the day. Just plug on your headphones and revel in its mellifluousness.

8.Kana Kaanum Kalangal (7G Rainbow Colony)

A classical melody that is instantly addictive. And the voices of Harish Ragavendra and Sri Madhumitha are just apt for the tune. Violin sections elevate it to a higher level. One of Yuvan’s finest compositions.

7.Suthudhe Suthudhe (Paiya)

Paiya was a chartbuster album and this was the most underrated song. But every time I listen to this number, it gets on to my nerves. Especially Sunitha Sarathy’s heavenly humming. Of course, Karthik rules the entire number with his mindblowing rendition.

6.Oru Naalil (Pudupettai)

Yeah! This is that number which comforts me and provides me insights of wisdom. Late Na.Muthukumar’s lyrics convey the reality and emphasizes on the thought that everything would finally reach God. Well, I doubt whether this number would have gained such appreciation if Yuvan hadn’t sung it.

5.Para Para Pattampoochi (Katradhu Tamizh)

I am surprised that many don’t even know that this song exists. Well, maybe they wouldn’t have given that much importance to the year 2007 as I did. πŸ˜€ But, this is a breezy melody with feel-good lyrics. A must-listen!

4.Unakagathanae (Katradhu Tamizh)

Yuvan’s orchestration is top-notch here. And, of course, his earthy vocals which brings out the deep-set emotions. This will remain a personal favorite above all the so called beautiful numbers composed by Yuvan.

3.Kadhal Vaithu (Deepavali)

Deepavali was a fabulous outing from Yuvan Shankar Raja. Each number was a gem. But I love this number more than anything else. Even more than Pogadhe which is actually a phenomenon in the music industry. Simple tune, Vijay Yesudhas’s spellbinding voice and late Na.Muthukumar’s heartrending lyrics – a deadly combo!

2.Pesugiren Pesugiren (Satham Podadhey)

Every girl, no, every human being, SHOULD listen to this number. This is that soul curry to which I run to whenever I am down in the dumps. Trust me, this song can enliven your mood and calm your senses.

1.Paravaiye Engu Irukkirai (Katradhu Tamizh)

Always. Forever. This number will never know what it has done to me and what it is doing to me every time I listen to it. And I must surely hail Yuvan (also Ilaiyaraaja) for this one song!

Out of the rough 101 Yuvan Shankar Raja songs in my playlist, these 30 are special to me. Happy Birthday, Yuvan Shankar Raja! Keep coming up with such numbers.


Kavya Janani.U


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