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Book Review: Case Files of the Dead by Various Authors

Book Name: Case Files of the Dead

Author(s): Suhail Mathur, Jonali Karmakar, Nikhil Uprety, Surbhi Sareen, Manish Mahajan, Samridhi Sharma, Finan Mohamed, Ruchi Chopra, Anshul Akhoury, Sonal Parmar, Sarika Gautam, Aarushi Ohri, Kumar Vikrant, Hina Choudhary, Sanjeeban Nanda, Mohammed Rumi, Nabeela Rumi, Aashi Dahiya, Jash Dholani, Vivek Banerjee, Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra, Sreelekha Chatterjee, Chandrapal Khasiya, Deepank Kanojia, Akash Shrivastav & Sriramana Muliya.

Publisher: Authors Ink Publication

Pages: 197


Welcome to an eerie land where ghost, ghouls, and spirits rule. Welcome to a place where haunted houses and evil souls will make a shiver run down your spine. A spooky tale in the scenic hills of Mussoorie awaits you while uncanny happenings in a literary competition are sure to have you intrigued. The case of a mysterious white Maruti has everyone befuddled even as unsuspecting jogger experiences something that he had never bargained for. A group of friends will encounter the worst terror of their lives while young man is racked by nightmares of his own death!

Author’s Ink and The Book Bakers present an eclectic mix of true stories , legends, and fables that have often been a part of India’s folklore. Armed with some of the best Authors in India paranormal literature history. CASE FILES OF THE DEAD; India’s first pure horror public anthology is sure to turn every host into (G)Host!!!


To begin with, I love horror stories. Especially if they have an unusual setting, intense characterization, mindblowing plot and N number of unpredictable twists, I ensure that I’d straightaway give the book the highest rating that exists in this world. However, there are few horror books which would make you feel bad about the entire genre. Cliched tropes, uninteresting plots, shallow characterization, confusing narrative and bad grammar. Sadly, this book belongs to the second category.

When I received this book for review, I highly anticipated that it’d enthrall me, since it had the tagline ‘India’s first ever pure horror public anthology’. Well, to say frankly, the book didn’t do justice to what it terms as ‘pure horror’. Only a few stories stood out, while the others were either confusing or badly written. The grammar was so poor in few stories, that I felt the editors had published the book just like that, without even skimming through the stories. I felt like reading an amateur work. The tales felt like the ones which we would tell to small children to scare them. Some stories had ideas that were blatantly borrowed from folklores. The narration of a few stories was so confusing, that I couldn’t continue reading them without proper understanding. There was something missing in every story. Especially, there are lots of grammatical mistakes – punctuation, prepositions, adjectives, adverbs and articles.

On the bright side, I really liked a few – The Haunting Tale, The Fragrance, A Secret Diary, Awoke, Beyond Time, The Right Hand and The Trap. Even these stories had grammatical mistakes that were overlooked. But the overall setting of these were pretty good and the narrative was gripping.

And, the negatives don’t end with just grammatical mistakes or confusing storylines. I found a few more cons that acted as a major obstacle for a wholesome reading experience. There was no ‘Table of Contents’, which is of paramount importance in a book. Then, there were no numbers marked against the titles of the stories. ‘About the authors’ section was also not properly edited. Since the stories were not up to the mark, I couldn’t bring myself to read the book at a stretch. This shows that how grammar, strong narration and fascinating characters are important to hold a reader’s interest. I strongly advice the editors to thoroughly edit the book, clear all the grammar errors and come up with a fresh version for the second edition.

I recommend this book, if you like cheap thrills or if you easily get frightened. Not recommended if you’re into some serious reading!

Rating: 1.75/5

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Kavya Janani.U


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