My Wattpad life

Yes, this is all about my presence in Wattpad. Some of my friends know that I was active in that platform two years ago. It was where I published the first draft of my baby ‘With love, forever’ and posted the chapters till a crucial point in the story. The series received a tremendous response and it was then that I decided to publish it as a paperback. But, as you all know, it’s still in the cans. And I don’t know when it would see daylight. After that, I stopped being active on Wattpad and concentrated on other areas of my writing life. It was just last October when I made my reentry as Hayaathi (my pseudonym) in Wattpad and started writing a series named ‘The Unnamable Bond’.

I felt encouraged with the votes and comments I received on it, but I could not continue it due to writer’s block. It still stays ‘On Hold’. However, I will continue and finish it, once I feel inspired enough to continue it. Meanwhile, I began writing another series named ‘Diya Rai’ under the same pseudonym. This book is a slice of my life, slice of my friends’ life, and slice of every girl’s life. It’s an enjoyable, contemporary, hilarious, and lighthearted drama. Though I became lazy in between to update the chapters, I have started to write with full enthusiasm once again.


There’s a short story named ‘A broken glass slipper’ in my upcoming anthology ’21 Pearls’ (which was published in eBook version as ‘Tale Journey’). It’s a modernized Indian version of Cinderella. I tried to experiment with it a little more and published it as a four-part story ‘Anamika’ in Wattpad. Of course, under my pseudonym.

And I am also happy to say that Wattpad is where I run to, when I am affected with Writer’s Block. I deeply enjoy writing ‘Diya Rai’. ๐Ÿ™‚

You can find my Wattpad profile here:ย Hayaathi94

Here are the links to the stories:ย The Unnamable Bond, Diya Rai, Anamika

Hope you enjoy reading them! ๐Ÿ™‚ Please leave your votes and comments on the stories.


Kavya Janani.U


4 thoughts on “My Wattpad life

  1. “Though I became lazy in between”- This then seem to be your main problem; not being a finisher…All the best to best this and attain your full potential!

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