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Through the eyes of Bhavana #1

Hey friends! Hope you all are doing fine. I have an hectic schedule and I rarely get to blog, forget about writing new articles. So, I am just recycling all the poems, prose and quotes written by me on Instagram and Facebook. At least, in this manner, I can keep Musings Lounge alive. 🙂

So, here is a poem that can invoke few emotions in you, if you read it as a standalone poem. But if you have read my novel ‘With Love, Forever’ or if you have skimmed through the first four chapters in this blog, this would surely make sense to you. I am writing this poem from the protagonist Bhavana’s perspective. And this doesn’t stop here. I’d surely write more poems or prose from her perspective. Keep reading this space. 🙂


Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed the poem. Tell me your comments and suggestions. I would appreciate them. 🙂


Kavya Janani.U


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