Mozhi – The Language of Silence (Part 1)

Well, well, this is a special series for me! 🙂 🙂

I thank Madhan, my best friend, for collaborating with me to write this series on a much loved Tamil movie. This is the first time we are co-authoring and I am damn excited! 🙂


One of the most prodding questions of our life is – Can we lead a happy life despite our flaws? I too had this question bugging me for a long time. And I received the answer from a beautiful Tamil movie that was released ten years ago. This movie has a poetic title – Mozhi (Language). This movie taught me that we can lead a perfectly happy life by not considering our flaws as flaws and by turning them into our biggest strength. Mozhi begins with extraordinary beauty and inquisition, and is then tossed into an emotional brilliance. Story is the king here and characterization is the strongest point of the movie.



The entire movie lies on the protagonist Archana’s shoulders. Archana (played by Jyothika) – she is imperious, honest and inquisitive. She is both adorable and feared. She doesn’t consider herself as a deaf-mute girl; instead she leads a life of normalcy. She cherishes her talents – painting, crafts, and martial arts. She is so well-versed in her talents that they overshadow her major flaw. Her prowess makes her stand out like a queen. She is the hero of the movie. If someone asks me from which movie character I draw inspiration, I would proudly say that it is Archana. ❤



Let’s move on to Karthik (played by Prithviraj), another protagonist. Karthik is not the usual misogynistic character we get to see in movies nowadays. He respects women for what they are. He admires Archana’s talents and doesn’t demean or dominate her. Moreover, he wholeheartedly accepts Archana as she is and he is not disheartened when he learns that she is deaf-mute. He also emphasizes on the fact that he doesn’t want to ‘give’ life to her, he wants to ‘share’ his life with her.

An evergreen scene

There are scenes in the movie that are cult classic. One day, in an emotional high, Karthik tells Archana that it’s a beautiful feeling to be able to imagine her voice through their usual gestural interactions. One look at his face, beaming with love, and you’d instantly know that his intentions are genuine…totally genuine. A cliched scene will end up with the heroine blushing into a duet, but Mozhi is not of that kind! Archana is not for portraying such stuff. She just cuts off Karthik with an ease. That look! That dagger-look just stabs even the stereotypical audience.


And it is true that Archana is unable to come to terms with the fact that her friend had attempted to compensate for her disability by creating a rather convenient version of Archana. “If you have to please me or some part of your self by imagining a voice every single time I speak, you might as well not talk to me at all!” She slays and walks away like a warrior.

The most beautiful climax ever

Just when you think that Archana is never going to have a change of heart, Karthik shows up with his pragmatism. He emotionally persuades Archana to live the life she loves. He makes her understand that there is more to life and it should be lived to the fullest. It’s a scene where everyone would have a lump in their throat. It makes way to a beautifully sketched and poetic climax, which warms the hearts of the viewers.

Though a humorous aspect of the movie, the bulb-lighting-up-and-the-bell-ringing concept is something adorable. The thing is – only one bulb lights up and an ice-cream bell rings when Karthik falls in love. But a whole chain of decorative bulbs lights up and the church bell gongs when Archana falls in love. Though many might have missed this simple point in the movie, I got to notice it after a couple of views. The same concept applies to the audience too. As the end credits roll, the lights in the theater switch on, many hands clap in glee (the bells), and we fall in love with the movie!

P.S: There’s a second and third part to this post. The second part will have us speaking about the other characters, about the clean humour and of course, about the director Radha Mohan. And the third part will be entirely about Mozhi’s music!


Kavya Janani.U and Madhan Morris


One thought on “Mozhi – The Language of Silence (Part 1)

  1. Neat and sweet review…. Waiting for the second and third part. Specially what you have penned about that MS baskar’s character. Mozhi is a decent and honest movie forever. Only radha mohan can come up with such good scripts and screenplay. Thank you kavya for sharing me the link. Loved the way you have written it.

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