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A for Anjali Anjali (#AToZChallenge)

Hola Amigos!

First of all, my sincere apologies for not writing a blog post on theme reveal. Let me do it now. Yes, it’s A.R.RAHMAN! So, what’s in store? You’ll get to submerge yourself in a flood of Rahman’s numbers. I have collected his evergreen numbers for each alphabet. I will choose one song for each alphabet and speak about my love for it. If the list for a particular alphabet is long, I’d speak about five or more songs. 😊

And today, it’s A! Well, there are hell lots of Rahman’s songs starting with ‘A’ and I had an hard time in choosing JUST ONE. :-/ But the list wasn’t that big like other alphabets (suspense). So I had to choose one song. And the song is already mentioned in the title. It’s the ever-famous and utterly melodious Anjali Anjali from the movie Duet. 

Every number in the movie is a gem and almost all genres of music are contained in it. Speaking about melody, Anjali Anjali is a cult classic. The mellifluous tune coupled with the honeyed voices of S.P.Balasubramaniam and K.S Chitra makes for a beautiful listen on a pleasant evening. Only Rahman can compose tunes that can instantly warm your heart. This is one such song which can sear your soul and spread warmness all along.

Beginning with a mesmerizing saxophone prelude, interspersed with Chitra’s melodious humming, the song forays into a lilting piano piece and S.P.B takes over from there. Each and every word sung by him is a poem in itself. His pitch-perfect voice and clear pronunciation are scintillating to listen. And I don’t need to tell about Chitra’s rendition. Her honey-dipping voice is one of the reasons for the song becoming a classic. I must also tell that the song’s soul lies in the poetic verses of Vairamuthu. These are my favourite lines:

“Seethaiyin kaadhal andru vizhi vazhi nuzhaindhadhu…

Kothaiyin kaadhal indru sevi vazhi pugundhadhu…

Ennavo en nenjile isai vandhu thulaithadhu…

Isai vandha paadhai vazhi tamizh mella nuzhaindhadhu…

Isai vandha dhisai paarthu manam kuzhainthen…

Tamizh vandha dhisai paarthu uyir kasinthen…

Anjali anjali ival thalaikaadhali……”

I can speak about more nuances of this song. But that would result in a post that is way too long for my readers’ patience. I am adding the link of the song here. Listen to it right away!


Other evergreen Rahman songs that begin with ‘A’:

  1. Anbendra Mazhaiyile from Minsaara Kanavu
  2. Anbe Anbe from Jeans
  3. Anarkali from Kangalal Kaidhu Sei
  4. Anbae Idhu from Rhythm
  5. Anbe Sugama from Paarthale Paravasam
  6. Antha Arabic Kadaloram from Bombay
  7. Arziyan from Delhi-6
  8. Athankara Marame from Kizhakku Cheemaiyile
  9. Avalum Naanum from Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada
  10. Ay Sakhi from Raanjhanaa
  11. Aye Ajnabi from Dil Se
  12. Aye Hairathe from Guru
  13. Aye Sinamika from OK Kanmani
  14. Azhagiya Cinderella from Kangalal Kaidhu Sei
  15. Azhagana Rakshasiye from Mudhalvan
  16. Azhagiye from Kaatru Veliyidai

Keep watching this space for more songs! 🙂


Kavya Janani.U


3 thoughts on “A for Anjali Anjali (#AToZChallenge)

  1. Also 2 Anbe Anbe songs. One from Jeans and one from Kadhal desam, Athiradi kaaran from Sivaji, Araro ariraro from alaipayuthey, Aruyirey manipaya from Guru, Akkadangu edapotta from mudhalvan , Acham Acham ilai from indira, Aathangarai marame from Kizhakku Cheemayile, Azadi from Bose, Al madath maula from Mangal Pandey, Athini sithini from Thenali , Aalum nayagar from Deen Isai Mazhai malai and Aayo re sakhi from Water to name few more super songs starting with alphabet A.


    1. Yes, these are beautiful songs. But I have listed a few that are really really close to my soul. Also, thank you for this list. I got to notice that I missed out two of my soul songs. 🙂


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