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B for Behne De (#AToZChallenge)

When I researched and collected Rahman’s classic numbers starting with B, I ended up with a rather short list. And all the songs in the list were gems that I couldn’t choose one. But there’s always the best among the best. That’s how I chose the song Behne De from the Mani Ratnam movie Raavan.

Though I love the Tamil version of this song more than this, there’s an angle of subtlety to this version that makes it all the more beautiful. Painted with a mysterious soundscape, this song is a perfect listen on a trip to the woods. I usually listen to this number on a serene night or when I am travelling to any hill station. A.R.Rahman’s haunting orchestration is one of the plus points of this song. A recondite ambiance flows throughout the number, which keeps the listeners hooked to it right from the beginning.

Moving on to the vocals, Karthik croons with elan and his silky voice complements the tune progression. His mellowed rendition is pleasant to listen along with Mohammed Irfan’s backup vocals. Another beautiful aspect of this number is the arrangement and variation of instruments. Soft string sections and wind chimes in the beginning make way for some belligerent instruments towards the end. Gulzar’s impressive usage of metaphors renders a poignant tone to the entire song. My favourite lines are:

“Sharth lagi hai mar jaane ki

Jeena hai to pyaar mein…

Deh kahin bhi ho mera

Jaan rakhi hai yaar mein…”

The difference between the Tamil and Hindi version is that the former has an aggressive approach to love and the latter paints a picture of helplessness in love. Listen to the number here:


Other evergreen numbers:

  1. Banarasiya from Raanjhanaa
  2. Bhor Bhaye from Delhi-6
  3. Balleilakka from Sivaji
  4. Boodon Se Baatein from Thakshak
  5. Bombay Theme from Bombay
  6. Barso Re from Guru
  7. Bol Sajni from Doli Saja Ke Rakhna
  8. Baadal Wo Aaye from Yuva
  9. Beera Beera from Raavan

Happy listening!


Kavya Janani.U


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