A to Z Challenge · A.R.Rahman

D for Dil Se Re (#AToZChallenge)

Hi friends! Hope you all are enjoying A.R.Rahman’s soul-stirring songs in this series of posts. šŸ˜Š

There are only a handful of beautiful Rahman songs beginning with ‘D’. Mostly they are melodies spread over various emotions. My soul song isĀ Dil Se ReĀ from the Mani Ratnam directed movieĀ Dil Se.

Mani Ratnam-ARR combo’s soundtracks have always been smashing hits. Dil Se was a landmark album in their careers. A potpourri of genres, no other soundtrack had a train song, an out-and-out love song, a wedding song, a heartbreak song, and an Arabic-styled song in one place. All theĀ fiveĀ numbers were chartbusters, in which Dil Se Re still bags the first place.

It’s a lovey-dovey rock number, with Rahman’s signature string of melody thrown in bits. Rahman himself yields the megaphone. And how alluring are his sopranos! I love him lending his velvety voice to his songs. There’s something meditative about his voice that gets me high. ā¤ This number also hasĀ Guy Pratt,Ā the bass guitarist of Pink Floyd, playing the bass sections. Rahman is amply supported by the female chorus (Anupama and Anuradha Sriram) in theĀ ‘Dil Se Re….’Ā line and in the interludes.

Gulzar pens the finest love lyrics ever. One cannot stop marvelling at the purest form of love poetry (predominantly Urdu). Ā Here goes my favourite verses:

“Bandhan hai rishton mein…

Kaaton ki taarein hai…

Patthar ke darwaze deewarein…

Belein phir bhi ugti hai…

Aur guchche bhi khilti hai…

Aur chalte hai afsaane…

Kirdaar bhi milte hai…”

Listen to this number here:Ā https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwfCMvo19s8

The other lovely melodies:

  1. Dil Gira Daftan from Delhi-6
  2. Do Nishaaniyan from Jhootha Hi Sahi
  3. Dheemi Dheemi from 1947 Earth
  4. Dheeme Dheeme Gaaon from Zubeidaa
  5. Desh Ki Mitti from Bose: The Forgotten Hero

Happy listening!


Kavya Janani.U


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