A to Z Challenge · A.R.Rahman

F for Fanna (#AToZChallenge)

F is an exceptional alphabet. Can you believe if I say that there is only one evergreen song in F? Okay, maybe two. The second one is not as smashing as this number. I was actually happy in finding at least one Rahman song in F (I almost panicked that I wouldn’t write a post today). Thank God, Fanna from Aayudha Ezhuthu saved me.

This is a rocking party number. Trance loops, techno beats, a melange of vibrant chorus and what not! Every element of a club song is swathed in it. Rahman himself takes the responsibility of crooning the number. His high-pitched rendition is addictive. Especially the swara section towards the end is an innovative attempt.

Rahman is amply supported by Sunita Sarathy, Tanvi Shah and Pop Shalini. Though lyrics are not given much importance, Vairamuthu’s contemporary verses on love are appreciable.

Listen to this smashing number here: https://youtu.be/stHk8B5mta4

P.S: The other number which I said is Fiqrana from Blue (2009). 

Happy Listening!


Kavya Janani.U


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