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I for Ishq Bina Kya (#AToZChallenge)

Yeah! Finally I have reached the album (Taal) that has defined my entire life till now. And this song Ishq Bina Kya has worked wonders in my case. An utterly melodious number that can take you to the highest level of addiction. The perfect atmosphere for a calm mind would be – breezy rainfall, piping hot cup of coffee or tea, and this number from Taal.

When Taal’s album was released, it was heavily criticized. Music reviewers compared the music to that of Dil Se and claimed that Rahman had lost his charm. But let me tell you one thing. Taal is an album that acts as a slow poison and gradually creeps into your soul to stay in it forever. Each and every song is a classic in itself. Though I cannot crown this number as the best of the album (that is bagged by some other song), it is my soul song and it will continue to remain.

Beginning with a dulcet string section, this sweet number has Anuradha Sriram crooning to the poetic lyrics of Anand Bakshi. She has an high-pitched and innocent voice, which actually aptly suits the mood of the song. Sujatha quips in with the ‘Neeche ishq hai…’ line. Though she is rarely heard in Bollywood, her pronunciation is top class and her honey-dipping voice is magical to listen. Sonu Nigam has a cameo section, but it stands out in the entire song. He sounds naturally romantic. Another beautiful aspect of this song is the qawwali section which arrives in intervals. Rahman’s soprano voice intersperses well with the energetic chorus. My favourite verses:

“Rab sab se sona ishq ishq…

Rab se bhi sona ishq…”

Listen to this beautiful song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bm_cS9wT5YA

Other sweet songs in I:

  1. Idhu Naal Varaiyil from Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada
  2. Innum Konja Neram from Mariyaan
  3. Iru Pookal from Uyire
  4. Irumbile Oru from Enthiran
  5. Ishq Ada Hai (both versions) from Ada
  6. Innisai from Varalaaru

Happy Listening!


Kavya Janani.U


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