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N for Nadhiye Nadhiye and other songs (#AToZChallenge)

Happy week to all fellow #AToZChallenge participants! 13 alphabets have passed by and the spirit of the challenge has turned intense. So the alphabet ‘N’ commences part 2 of the challenge.

A.R.Rahman has an handful of compositions in N. Almost all the songs are smashing hits. I have chosen five numbers to drench you in some Rahmania.

Nadhiye Nadhiye (Rhythm)

Can there be a melody as mesmerizing as this? Rahman’s mellifluous tune is spontaneously rendered by Unni Menon. The interludes have a brilliant violin, strings, water droplets and piano section, amply supported by a vibrant chorus. Of course, who else can write such beautiful lyrics other than Vairamuthu? He poetically compares the river with women and punctuates the verses with ethereal metaphors.

“Kaathali arumai pirivil manaiviyin arumai maraivil

Neerin arumai arivaai kodaiyile

Vetkam vandhaal urayum viralgal thottaal urugum

Neerum pennum ondru vaadaiyile…”

Listen to this song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQXaZewuc8o

Narumugaiye (Iruvar)

Rahman’s classical songs have always been evergreen. And I can proudly quote that this number is the pinnacle of Rahman’s Carnatic outings. One can find an amalgamation of ragas Naatai and Maand. Unni Krishnan and Bombay Jayashree’s voices are a treat to classical music aficionados. And it’s Vairamuthu at play with words again. My favourite lines,

“Attrai thingal annilavil kottra poigai aadugaiyil

Ottrai paarvai paarthavanum neeya…”

Listen to this beautiful song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joJHN_VfY88

Newyork Nagaram (Sillunu Oru Kaadhal)

The first thing you notice in this number is the heavy acoustic guitar strums that blend well with the trance-like melody. Spellbinding is the only word I can use to describe this westernized mellifluous song that topped the charts for several weeks a decade ago. Rahman did a wonderful job of lending his voice to the number, for his velvety rendition will linger for a long time after the track has ended. Vaali’s love-filled verses have some quotable lines,

“Naatkurippil nooru dhadavai undhan peyarai ezhudhum en pena…

Ezhudhiyadhum erumbu moikka peyarum aanadhenna thena…”

Listen to this sensation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ofctN2-uJ4

Naane Varugiren (O Kaadhal Kanmani)

Another mind-blowing Carnatic fusion from the Mozart! Rahman involved some intense music-making to bring out this masterpiece. Fusing some lilting sitar notes with some upbeat westernized rhythm, he weaves magic that is purely soulful and Rahmanesque. But it is Shashaa Tirupathi’s show all the way. Her honeyed voice flows seamlessly along with the tune, with Sathya Prakash joining her in the fantastical interludes. Some eloquent verses from Vairamuthu’s lyrics,

“Ninaivugalai marakkiren

Nigazh kanamum marakkiren…

Idam porulai marakkiren

Edhu enadhu marakkiren…”

Listen to this number here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhyORM6li7E

Nallai Allai (Kaatru Veliyidai)

This recent number made to my list of addiction on the very first listen. Be it the minimal usage of instruments or Sathya Prakash’s deeply emotional voice, everything about this number attracted me. Rahman completes the composition with just a clean guitar strum and some mellowed beats. However, it is Chinmayi’s sweet humming that adds liveliness to the song. Once again, Vairamuthu wins my heart. My favourite lines,

“Oligalin thedal enbadhellam

Mounathil mudigindradhe…

Mounathin thedal enbadhellam

Nyaanathil mudigindradhe…

Naan unnai thedum velaiyile nee

Megam soodi odi vittaai…”

Listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ixiq9ysnqos

Other soulful songs in N:

  1. Naan Un from 24
  2. Nadaan Parindhey from Rockstar
  3. Nahin Saamne from Taal
  4. Nenjamellam from Ayudha Ezhuthu
  5. Nenje Ezhu from Mariyaan
  6. Nenje Nenje from Ratchagan
  7. Nenjinile from Uyire
  8. Netru Illadha from Puthiya Mugam
  9. Nila Kaigiradhu from Indhira
  10. Nenjukulla from Kadal

Happy Listening!


Kavya Janani.U



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