A to Z Challenge · A.R.Rahman

P for Poongatrile and other songs (#AToZChallenge)

The letter P has songs aplenty. I am choosing six songs. Here they go:

Poongatrile from (Uyire)

One of Rahman’s spellbinding compositions. This song is the epitome of poignancy. Poetic lyrics, Unni Menon’s effervescent voice, Swarnalatha’s heartrending cameo, and a combination of heavy violin and strings in the interludes make this number an uplifting listen. I can proudly say that this is that ONE SONG which I would tell when someone asks me what my foremost favourite of Rahman’s songs is. Vairamuthu’s moving lyrics,

“Uyirin thuli kaayum munne

En vizhi unnai kaanum kanne

En jeevan oyum munne ododi va…”

“Vaanam engum un bimbam

Aanaal kaiyil seravillai…

Kaatril engum un vaasam

Verum vaasam vaazhkai illai…”

Listen to this heart-touching composition here:

Piya Milenge (Raanjhanaa)

Yes! This is yet another song which acted as a catalyst while writing my baby ‘With love, forever’. This utterly meditative Sufi fusion number is peppered with Sukhwinder Singh’s divine rendition, KMMC Sufi Ensemble’s empowering chorus, and some religious hymns from Quran. Irshad Kamil’s heavenly lyrics make this number an absolute inspiration for many. Some beautiful lines,

“Paake khona khoke paana hota aaya re

Sang saathi sa hai vo toh vo hai saaya re”

“Nainon se na aisa kuch dekha jaata hai

Naina meecho toh vo sab dikh jaata hai”

Listen to this song here:

Pudhu Vellai Mazhai (Roja)

The first ever romantic duet of Rahman. This will always remain a special song for all Rahmaniacs. The ambiance of this number introduced a new soundscape, thereby making Rahman establish a new dimension in music. Both Unni Menon and Sujatha Mohan croon with such passion that the delicate tune turns ambrosial. Rahman indulges in a mild cello, flute, and some strings in the interludes to pep up the romantic atmosphere. Of course, it is Vairamuthu’s wordplay that gives the song a completion.

Listen to this evergreen song here:

Pachai Nirame (Alaipaayuthey)

This is a gem from the path-breaking soundtrack of Alaipaayuthey. Rahman introduces a relaxing effect in this song that it can actually calm your stressed mind. Composed in Kharaharapriya raga, this colour-based number has a soothing tune, rich orchestration (mild percussion, acoustic and synthesized guitar strumming, flute, and lilting piano notes in the background), the thumping ‘Sakhiye…’ humming and unconventional lyrics by Vairamuthu. Some beautiful lines,

“Kilaiyil kaanum kiliyin mooku

Vidalai pennin vettrilai naaku

Putham pudhidhaay ratha roja

Bhoomi thodadha pillaiyin paadham…

Ella sivappum unthan kovam…”

Give it a listen here:

Pal Pal Hai Bhaari (Swades):

My choice maybe unusual, but this song is close to my heart. I listened to this during the most cherished period of my life and it will always remain to be my soul song. It is a highly situational religious number, where the epic Ramayana is staged as a play and Sita sings in the glory of Rama. Madhushree sings with such sweetness that we can listen to her repeatedly. She is amply supported by Vijay Prakash, who croons a cameo towards the end.

Listen to this devotional Rahman composition here:

Pyaar Ye Jaane Kaisa (Rangeela)

This mellifluous number from Rangeela has a poignant tune that is heartrending as well as pleasing. Crooned by the evergreen singers Suresh Wadekar and Kavita Krishnamoorthy, this song can move even a stone-hearted person. Melody oozes from every corner and Rahman enhances it with his vintage violin and strings in the interludes. Mehboob’s lyrics have some beautiful lines,

“Din toh guzarta hai jiske khayalon mein

Raatein guzarti hai uski hi yaadon mein…”

Listen to this song here:

Other beautiful songs in P:

  1. Pachakili Paadum from Karuthamma
  2. Pachaikiligal Tholodu from Indian
  3. Pappu Can’t Dance from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
  4. Parandhu Sella Va from O Kadhal Kanmani
  5. Parkathey Parkathey from Gentleman
  6. Patakha Guddi (both versions) from Highway
  7. Pennala Pennala from Uzhavan
  8. Pettai Rap from Kadhalan
  9. Phir Se Ud Chala from Rockstar
  10. Poo Pookum Osai from Minsaara Kanavu
  11. Pookkale Sattru Oyivedungal from I
  12. Poovukenna Pootu from Bombay
  13. Poovukkul from Jeans
  14. Poraale Ponnuthaayi from Karuthamma

Happy Listening!


Kavya Janani.U


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