A to Z Challenge · A.R.Rahman

U for Uyire Uyire (#AToZChallenge)

Yes, I have come to that evergreen romantic pathos of the 90s. One of Rahman’s path-breaking compositions. This mellifluous number actually shaped his career and added yet another dimension to music. Bombay finds a place in ‘1000 albums to hear before you die’ and this song is yet another proof that the album will forever remain in the list.

Unlike other experimental melodies, this song has a simple tune that blends harmoniously with the minimal orchestration. Rahman retains his vintage flute as usual (from the veteran flautist Naveen). Though the second interlude has the same tune as the first one, Rahman introduces a twist by indulging in some heavy violin, strings, and a soothing chorus. Hariharan’s voice perfectly captures the feelings of pain and longing. Nightingale Chitra’s voice is as sweet as ever. She makes us really feel the sorrow of the protagonist with her flawless rendition.

Vairamuthu never ceases to enthrall me with his heartrending lyrics. Here are some of my favourite lines,

“Naan karumpaarai pala thaandi vaeraaga vandhen

Kannalan mugam paarkave…

En kadungaaval pala thaandi kaatraaga vandhen

Kanna un kural ketkave…

Adada…Adada…Indru kanneerum thithikindradhe…”

Listen to this heart-melting composition here:

Other beautiful songs in U:

  1. Udhaya Udhaya from Udhaya
  2. Ulundhu Vithaikaiyile from Mudhalvan
  3. Uppu Karuvaadu from Mudhalvan
  4. Urvasi Urvasi from Kadhalan
  5. Usilampatti Pennkutti from Gentleman
  6. Usure Poguthey from Raavanan
  7. Utharavu Indri from New
  8. Uyirum Neeye from Pavithra

Happy Listening!


Kavya Janani.U


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