A to Z Challenge · A.R.Rahman

W for Warriors In Peace (#AToZChallenge)

I am picking up a global number for this rare alphabet. W has just three songs in its kitty. So it was difficult for me to choose a song that can be considered as my soul song. But when I listened to this number – Warriors of Peace from Warriors of Heaven and Earth (a Chinese action film), I instantly fell in love with it.

This number comes in three versions – English, Hindi and Chinese. All the three versions are equally enchanting. Rahman creates an effervescent atmosphere by merging the flavours of East and West. A gentle tambura and divine bells intersperse each other in the background, along with a fascinating rhythm that is foot-tapping as well as trance-like. Rahman’s creativity reaches a pinnacle when he intelligently introduces his signature flute notes and strings in the second half of the song.

Another beautiful aspect of this song is the whispery rendition of the vocals and the haunting humming that appear throughout the number. The English version is handled by Sunita Sarathy. Her flawless pronunciation is to be appreciated. The Chinese version has a stunning rendition by Jolin Tsai. But it is the Hindi version that makes my heart melt. I can’t figure out the reason behind it. Maybe it’s the regional feel or Sadhana Sargam’s honey-dipping rendition.

Listen to all the versions here:

English Version

Hindi Version

Chinese Version

The other two songs:

  1. Waltz For A Romance from Lagaan
  2. Wat Wat Wat from Tamasha

Happy Listening!


Kavya Janani.U





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