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X for Xth Song in His Blissful Voice (#AToZChallenge)

Just when I was puzzled over what to write for X (absolutely no songs or theme pieces), one of the members of Chennai Bloggers Club (CBC) – Kishor Lakshminarayanan – suggested a brilliant idea and I immediately began working on it. The idea was to consider X as a roman numeral which means the number 10. I didn’t want to select Rahman’s 10th album or 10th OST. I didn’t even want to select the 10th song composed by him. So I prodded a lot and selected the 10th song in which he has yielded the megaphone, all by himself. If you go by his discography, it’s a different story. I have selected the 10th song that has his vocals all over (no presence of co-singers).

This song is Ellappugazhum from Azhagiya Tamil Magan. I had also added this number as my soul song in my list for E alphabet. Right from the word go, this song has such power that you cannot detach from it till the last word. It gives you an instant adrenaline rush and energizes your entire day. I would strongly recommend this song to kickstart your day.

Rahman weaves an amazing tune with some heavy percussion and blazing electric guitar strums. Listening to him croon is pure bliss! His sopranos and the way in which he reaches the crescendo ‘Manavan manadhu vaithaal…’ are truly inspiring. Reflecting the vivacity of this song is the video, which has Vijay dancing buoyantly along with a group of trained dancers. There’s also this ebullient chorus which pep up the song even more. With not much instruments, Rahman creates magic, which is unlike him.

Vaali has some motivational lines for us,

“Naalai naalai naalai endru indrai izhakaathey

Nee indrai izhakaathey nee indrai izhakaathey…

Indrai vithaithaal naalai mulaikkum athai nee marakathey…”

Listen to this awe-inspiring number here:

Happy Listening!


Kavya Janani.U


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