A Song Well Sung

Another awesome review of my short story ‘Somewhere In A Song’.

Sunshine on my tea cup


It is very rare that I’ve read a story at one go. My role as a mother hardly permits me the time or energy to read a story in one sitting. ‘Somewhere in a Song’ is an exception. I was compelled to read through the entire story almost without batting an eyelid. No, it isn’t a crime thriller, it is a thriller bordering the paranormal  and yet you just cannot let it go. The premises of the story is simple – a young woman named Emma Justin gets drawn to a song -taking it to the level of an obsession. Is it just an obsession or is there anything else behind this strange behavior? Is she the singer of the song or not? The story itself is like the song – ‘There’s nothing left to do’ – first drawing you towards it and then make it a compulsion for you…

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