Short Stories

The Missing Storyteller

Need an evening shot? Dive into this story about a storyteller and two girls, set in the picturesque hill station Ooty. Originally submitted to Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2017.

Short Stories

D for Dictionary (AToZChallenge)

“Long ago, there lived a book called Dictionary. It was the most widely read – err- used book in the world. Dictionary’s prominence was unbeatable. No other book could compete with its popularity. Almost everyone had the Dictionary at their home. It was used by every reader of newspaper. Every school or college student brought… Continue reading D for Dictionary (AToZChallenge)

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Releasing Today: ‘Tale Journey: A Collection of 21 Short Stories’

The wait is over guys! Yes, ‘Tale Journey: A Collection of 21 Short Stories’ is releasing today. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Blurb: A short tale is like a whiff of fragrance on your busy day at work. It is also a temporary escape to a fictional world for a few minutes. It refreshes you with its elegance.… Continue reading Releasing Today: ‘Tale Journey: A Collection of 21 Short Stories’