Debut Novel – With Love, Forever

‘With Love, Forever’ is my identity. It’s my baby. My creation. And I am proud of it!

The story was first conceptualized in 2011. I penned it for the next four years and completed it in 2015. It took another two years for me to edit and revise it. The last polishing was done on November 2016. So, I have updated the chapters here. Go on, read ’em, and tell me your feedback.

Okay, here’s a short musing for my baby:

And a voice somewhere faraway,

A voice that breaks the silence of the night,

A voice that fills the chambers of my heart with saudade,

A voice that shaped this tale,

A voice that sends out cryptic messages through coincidences,

A voice that paints quintessential pictures through serendipity,

A voice that is ever unreachable,

A voice that guides me throughout,

A voice that is supposed to be alive,

Whispers euphoniously in my ears,

That this story will find its place in the universe,

Creep into the unknown crevices of its readers’ hearts

And honour the cherished dream of an optimistic dame.

With Love, Forever (4)

With love, forever (Blurb and Prologue)

Chapter 1 : The carefree me

Chapter 2 : The first glance

Chapter 3: The ‘name’ adventure

Chapter 4: Bits of paper

Chapter 4.5: Mid-logue

Chapter 5: Love and its aftermath

Chapter 6: A conversation and some more

Chapter 7: Drastic events

Chapter 8: Truth revealed

Chapter 9: A letter, a twist, and bad luck

Chapter 9.5: Mid-logue

Chapter 10: Mellowing moments coupled with a shock

Chapter 11: Love in the air

Chapter 12: And finally!

Chapter 13: The tragic turn

Hope you all enjoy the story as much as I loved writing it. 🙂